SAEC WE-308 L or a new tonearm?

Dear fellow hobbyists,

I found a good deal online for a second hand SAEC WE-308 L , but refurbished. I was just wondering, what your advice would be. So, assuming it has been recently restored, would you recommend buying such a tonearm, vs maybe spending 1500 eur on a new tonearm, such as Ortodon 210 or Groovemaster. What would be your considerations?


Pass on the SAEC arm. Why? Because its offset angle is too small to achieve accurate alignment. 
A Jelco for less than $1k would be a better choice than the other two tonearms you mentioned.
I have had Saec in the past, the build quality was better than the listening result.
I prefer another arm if vintage, or new one of the Origin Live products.
The Groovemaster is vastly superior to any Jelco you can buy. I've been using it with Ortofon SPU's, Denon 103R and some vintage MM carts. Check out the Groovemaster thread on What's Best Forum, there's a lot of good information there.