SAE TWO T14 Tuner

Can anybody help me with a owners manual for this tuner. I picked this up on ebay and want some information on the operation of it. I would pay for the copies or if it can be e-mailed. Or, is there a web site that might sell this document.
Can anybody explain the hi-blend and IF switch to me. Also what's involved in replacing the stereo bulb. It's not coming on and I would like to have it indicated.

I don't know this particular tuner, but I can tell you what the hi-blend switch is for. It blends the high frequencies in the two cahnnels to reduce noise on weak signals (the reason is a long story....). You sacrifice high freqency stereo separation for less noise.

The IF (Intermediate Frequency) switch may be a bandwidth switch. Is it labeled "narrow" and "wide", or something like that? If it's a bandwidth switch then it's purpose is to provide better selectivity on closely spaced strong signals. The narrow position trades off frequency response for a clear signal. It's good for reducing multipath distortion in urban areas.
There is a tuner club group on Yahoo. I would post this same question there. You will need to sign up. It is free.