SAE Technician

I have some SAE gear that needs to be repaired. Does anyone know of a reputable tech on the east coast?
Thanks, Frank
I've used Rick Rupert of Ruberts Music Works and was very happy with his work. He's worked on a couple of my SAE 2600 amps. He's in South Williamsport, PA. His number is (570)323-2911
Hi Frank

For anything Jame Bongiorno designed I would only go to Michael Bettinger if possible.

Mike restored my Sumo 9 and it is one hell of an amp now.

I don't know if you are in the NY metro area but if you are I've had Scott Gramlich of SG Custom Sound do a lot of repairs for me. He is out in Douglaston Queens NY. Near the LIRR.

Here is his info:

40-33 235th Street
Douglaston, NY 11363


Thanks and good luck.
Check the SAE group on yahoo. I belong and there is an extensive list of audio techs there with long term SAE experience. There are a couple who are former employees trained by James Bongiorno who I believe designed most of their gear.