SAE or Luxman

I have an SAE 2400L and  Luxman C-O3 pre amp. If you were to make one matching system which would you chose to do so? The 2100L SAE is what I am considering or the M-3 Luxman. I like the 2400L  and the c-03 not as much. The M-3 is expensive but is it that much better than the 2400L? Opinions for me to ponder thanks.
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The only advantage Luxman gear has is the "bling" factor. If you value that instead of "best sound per dollar" ...
Lest I be seen as a Luxman "hater" I have a Luxman preamp in my collection. Albeit one from the 90's Alpine era. Still, it is a nicely-made and very good sounding unit!
Plus I had a massive Luxman integrated amp from the same era that needed repairs. I stupidly left it behind when I moved south! It certainly had that "wow" factor styling!
@roxy54  One reason is the SAE preamp is almost half the cost of the M-3. My 2400L has just been gone thru and sounds great. Is the M-3 going to sound 2x as great? 

@jasonbourne52  bling factor not important to me. I like the look of the SAE. 
One thing about the SAE pair is you have to run speaker wires between the pair. I suppose these had better be as good a  quality as your wires that run to your speakers. So that's an added cost.
  I did find a matching vintage Luxman cd player. Dont think SAE has one.
Thanks for your responses.
I really think things have changed a great deal over time.

I could not imagine trading a current Luxman component for an SAE, but I don’t know the sound of every piece of gear ever made.

The SAE amps I remember hearing were fine, but technical, not particularly smooth. Also quite pretty looking for the time in that matte black and red LED sensibility of the time.

If you can't hear a difference, sell the more expensive one. :-)
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One thing I learned the other day is that parts are no longer available to fix the digital display on the M-03. Such a shame.
SAE did make a CD player, at the latter stage of the companies existence, but of course built by someone else. the model was the computer direct-line compact disc player d102 with Hypersonic Digital audio with a remote.I have one they are very rare!!
A quick search shows one on reverb for $450. Nice looking unit. Think I'm going with Luxman as I just purchased a M-02 amp. 
gmosley - I didn't know SAE made a CD player, thanks for the correction. I've been an SAE fan since about 78'.
The SAE Mark I preamp (all sliders) was a wonderful sounding preamp.  I mean stellar!  The matching amplifier  was also excellent, though not very powerful.  (50 or 60 wpc I think)
To me, Lux hit a ‘dead spot’ in the late seventies and most of the eighties.  
But there new preamp and amplifiers, especially the tube gear is beautifully made and superb sounding..

I’m very much a vintage guy.  If you choose SAE, the older the better.  To me anyway..

I have a number of early 1970's SAE components (not SAE Two), the sonic quality is excellent and the build quality is second to none-as good or better than McIntosh.  All discrete devices, switches etc. are computer grade and the circuit boards are epoxy not fiber as in most of the Japanese products.  I have two Mark  1B pre amps, A Mark 4C power amp (100 WPC) and a Mark 4DM (100WPC) power amp.  All have the optional wood cabinets.  The units are massive and very heavy due to the large power transformers.  The amps have two power transformers each.  I would go with the SAE.