SAE Amplifier Channeler

I have several vintage SAE amplifiers. 2400, 2500, 2600 & A501.  Amazing specs but they've grown long in the tooth. I'm nostalgic beyond objectivity.  These days, all my gear is "everyday", no listening rooms or special occasions.  Is there a technician out there that can still breathe everyday life back into this gear, or do I simply dump it on Ebay? Hard for me to let go of these 60# chunks of James Bongiorno audio history.  Thank you for your opinions, advice and therapy!
I can't help you, but had to comment on how much I like SAE. In the late 70s I longed for SAE gear but couldn't afford it. 
Why not sell a couple of amps  on Ebay, keep your favorite and have it serviced. Good luck. 

Here's my problem. Had a 2500 serviced (recapped) about 10 years ago but it recently failed. I haven't had the heart to take it in but I'm gun shy about running the other SAE amps because I want to avoid damaging them.

Please don't judge.  I'm old-school, redneck scientist. Surviving daily life has taken over listening strictly for pleasure. I don't have a dedicated listening room...whole house is the listening room.  House wired with numerous 16 pair of 8" Yamaha ceiling speakers, subs and a couple floor speakers (as wife allowed).  Everything zoned via Sonos and Adcom speaker selectors, use the system a LOT!  Mix of big Rotel, Carver and Belles Pre/Amps. Much more gear that's mothballed. Main system on 24/7, mostly as background ambient. While medicated, I will rattle the framing on weekends.  Obviously not an audiophile objective, but it sounds pretty good to me and any house guest.

I also break every audiophile rule by using rane 30 band equalizers and one Aphex Exciter. Call it horseradish for my ears. However, in my opinion, I've really been able to squeeze good sound out of this hillbilly setup. 

So, I digress.  I want to use the SAE amps again, but have been told that due to their age, they will never be able to run as a primary amp because they will eventually burn up.  I have no desire for periodic use. 

The Question: Is anybody aware of a ninja technician holed up somewhere? Stars in his eyes with a sixth sense mojo to restore these amps? They are so obscure now and many of the people that understood them are gone.  Thanks again to the Genius Network here for your experience and feedback!
You can try using a Variac on one of the amps. Slowly ramp up the voltage over the course of several days.

gmosley & lowrider57, thank you for the nudge.  I was recently reading a thread on Audiokarma where the group helped a member rebuild an SAE 2600 that was in rough shape. The PO was able to do it!  

So, I think I'm going to go through and assemble a list of replacement components.  They appear to be original, so that seems a good place to start.

Will keep you posted.  Thanks for the support!

Hi Guys.


First Post for me.

Im located down Under - Nz.

I have a SAE 2600 Amplifier that i have just aquired which isnt in too bad condition considering its age.

I have repaired and Tidied up a few Dri joins, Resistors and have it running quite nicely.

What i need a hand with is obtaining a Replacement VU Power Meter.

One of them is Open Circuit - and is not repairable, so im hoping possibly someone maybe able to point me in the direction of obtaining a replacement, secondhand or New Old Stock.

Those VU meters just look awesome.

I know im probably pushing my Luck with finding a replacement.. But you never know.


Any help would be massive.



Look on Ebay for SAE gear that is non functional and is being sold for parts. Use Google trying a variety of key words. Good luck.

Hi Lowrider.

Thanks for your reply. Yes - have been keeping a regular eye on Ebay and a few other Online Spares sites. no luck yet.

Will keep trying..