Sadurni Acoustics - anyone hear these?

Looks like there is a new commercial horn speaker system that appears to be very high-end for - what is relatively - an affordable price. Anyone hear these speakers yet?
I heard an early prototype last year and the finished version some months back, when I heard the prototypes I had a pait of Avantgarde UNOs, and the Sadurni's better them in all regards.

I understand that the design allows to use different amps depending of the user preference, I recall a sound that was dynamic, textured and utterly musical.
Dear Dennis_the_menace: For different and good reasons ( for me ) horn speakers never be my " cup of tea ", I heard several models: from Klipish to Acapella .

So when J.Sadurni call me ffor I listen to his horn speaker design I accepted but was not very exited about but when the first Lp notes came out I knew that horn design was and is something really especial: no horns signature other that the self horn very valued characteristics as immediacy of the sound.

I already heard tre-four times the Sdurni speakers and I can say freely that these ones are the only horn speakers I ever heard that I can live with.

I know J.S took several years of research/design/build to be here and I can say for sure that he has success on his design targets.

Always is nice for we customers to have options like the Sadurni ones.

Regards and enjoy the music,
They recommend a 1.5 watt amplifier but their favorite puts out 3.5 watts. I would love to hear those. What a work of art as well. My eyes almost blew out of my skull when I had my first look.