Sadly, the Anthem AVM 90 preamp is delayed till late 2021.

So, what alternatives are out there that offer audiophile quality stereo within a ht processing box?
The avm90 ($7k) apparently is quite strong with stereo listening, and ht sq as well.

I only have the Anthem AVR, but what is wrong with their current processor?  I think the 520 AVR is very good in 2 channel
I would love to know how it compares to the Anthem str preamp. Just how good is the stereo performance? It's not a 100% apples to apples comparison, but it's a newer piece and $7k price, I hope that would bring some performance.  I want to get rid of extra boxes if I can with the AVM 90.

Is the 90 close to the str? Have to wait longer to find out now.
How about the new HT receivers though?  In my set up with 3 Class D monoblocks the receivers would eliminate a lot of cables and equipment.
Audio Control  Maestro X7
 excellent for 2 channels 
in your price range
So its nad m17 v2 vs maestro x7 or 9.

these seem to be leaders. Which sounds best for ht and stereo?

Industry is being pushed to resolve need for a separate ss 2 chanel system. It will happen eventually. Absurd it hasnt at this point and maybe nad, maestro and anthem are very close.

tube stereo is another matter.