Sadly missed manufacturers

I've been an audio and music enthusiast since the 1970's. We've all seen a fair number of companies come and go. Some burned brightly for a while, some not at all, and some companies are still present but only in name as they otherwise bear no resemblance to their ancestors.

Are there any companies you are sad to have seen disappear?

l can name a few former luminaries that are now gone- Counterpoint, Apogee. Both offered very good products, but unfortunately neither offered bullet proof reliability. I am of mixed feelings of the various Carver companies. I think Carver, the man, is capable of producing some genuinely first rate products but I viewed much of the marketing as smoke and mirrors which to me detracts from a manufacturer's credibility.
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Stephens Trusonic speakers.  Back in the fifties and sixties they were known as the poor man's JBL.  Well made and good sounding.

Another nod to Rudy Bozak.  Classic smooth 'east coast' sounding speakers with a wonderful midrange.  One of my all time favorite speakers that I have ever owned was his Concerto VII's.....excellent voice and orchestral reproduction.  Wish I'd  never sold them. 

What many may not know is that Bozak was also well respected  for their commercial sound systems and electronics.  I remember a story back in the early seventies that JBL was not very happy that the Hollywood Bowl chose Bozak instead of them for their sound reinforcement needs; especially since it was in their 'west coast' turf.
Electron Kinetics- John Iverson was a friend of mine.
Cello and dare I now say Classe?
getting that catalog in the mail from Lafayette or Allied, . I use to hang out at the Allied outlet store and buy stuff to use myself and became a home dealer for 50 years. Was an original Krell dealer for example.
RGR - Robert Grodinski Research - the Model 4 preamp and Model 5 amp were contenders back in the day (1980). I still have mine!
Beveridge Audio speakers and Octave Research. Both companies made great equipment!