Sadly missed manufacturers

I've been an audio and music enthusiast since the 1970's. We've all seen a fair number of companies come and go. Some burned brightly for a while, some not at all, and some companies are still present but only in name as they otherwise bear no resemblance to their ancestors.

Are there any companies you are sad to have seen disappear?

l can name a few former luminaries that are now gone- Counterpoint, Apogee. Both offered very good products, but unfortunately neither offered bullet proof reliability. I am of mixed feelings of the various Carver companies. I think Carver, the man, is capable of producing some genuinely first rate products but I viewed much of the marketing as smoke and mirrors which to me detracts from a manufacturer's credibility.

Some great compression driver and horn builders: Western Electric, Yoshimura Laboratories, International Projector Company, BHT.

Great old tube gear: Western and Northern Electric, Brooks.

More modern stuff: Hovland, Melos, Acoustat, and Apogee.

Soundcraftsman. Made some interesting products. One of which I owned back in the 70's was their PE-2217 preamp/equalizer. It worked wonders on my then Altec-Lansing 846-B's. That was a home version of the VOTT. Ah, that 21st outdoor birthday party. Votts playing Doobie Brothers, a blonde and brunette in each arm....Those were the good ole' days... sigh........
~ B&W is still alive and remains very reputed among speaker manufacturers worldwide. They were nowhere near dying in 2014 ūüėä


I think many older audiophiles don't hold the company in the same high regard after they lost their founder and driving force.  Yes they obviously still make high quality loudspeakers, but to many folks they aren't really the same company

The Ariston RD11 came before the Linn LP12. I an original Linn ad for the LP12 which says "formerly known as the Ariston RD11."
Castle Products built both. 


Merlin & Thiel.  Owned both.  Haven't been the same since I sold them!  I know, time to move on already.  Have to locate some used ones, especially the Merlins.  Best......