Sade Originals vs. Remasters

I was wondering if anyone had compared the original and remastered versions of Stronger than Pride or Promise. I assume the remasters are more compressed than the originals, but does anyone have any other listening impressions?
Assuming you are referring to digital format; I have all Sade CD's in original releases except the remastered compilation "Best Of" which I find to sound considerably worse than originals, (if that is of any indication). But I guess one would expect that from a compilation; (I have never heard a compilation better than original album.)

Only other remastered CD I have is Love Deluxe, which actually sounds better than the original release. (Must have been during a "transition" period in recording industry.)

For the most part I have been rather disappointed with most remastered versions in general; feels like they are also fighting in the "loudness war"

As a side note:
I do prefer to listen to my vinyl versions; they simply sound superior to any of the digital formats.

The newly released Soldier of Love & Lovers Rock from MusicOnVinyl are a good example; they sound real smooth on vinyl!