Sad to say I need a new amp…

My twenty year old Mesa Tigris went up in smoke last week. It’s so thoroughly overbuilt I thought she would last forever. Lots of smoke and strong pungent odor, actually has to air the house out. I’ll call Mesa but think it’s time for a change…

The Mesa was hooked up to some Totem mites and a small REL subwoofer in my bedroom/office. So far, I’ve done some reading and have come up with some possible replacement. After my smoke out, I’m thinking solid state in the bedroom… I use a little audioengine Bluetooth receiver for my source in my office..

Exposure 2510, VanAlstine SET 120, Belles Aria and Rega Brio all sound like they would work well. Appreciate any input on these or others. Hoping to keep the cost under 2500.  I listen mostly to jazz, classical music..




If you love the sound of that "Mesa", you will be sorry if you do not have them fix and also go through it as advised!

(Speaking from exp. over here)...

And I am STILL sorry I sold that set of (50 Cal.) amplifiers from Mesa way back in 1989!

Great gear! Good Luck!


Thanks.. Hope to have it back in a few months.. I’m borrowing a small Parasound Zamp and gotta say it’s pretty dull sounding compared to the Mesa. Nothing sounds real. Not much of an audiophile since really only listened through the Mesa for twenty years, but it’s easy to hear the loss of clarity and drive..

also thinking about a used or new Croft integrated for my office. Supposedly has a tube like presentation..

@wb27 so when the wife/spouse says why are u spending big dollars on an amplifier u have a much better excuse than most of us. I tell my wife, I just wanted another amp. At least u can say that your amp died on you!


Watching this thread with interest.

If I were you, I would do further research on who to use, for shipping: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

 Good Luck on your Mesa repair.