SACD with LFD/ Harbeth

I have been accumulating numerous SACD classical cds the last few years but still have no SACD player. I use a Rega Saturn with an LFD integrated amp and Harbeth M30.1 speakers with all LFD cabling. On some cds the midbass with the Saturn is too accentuated and the top end a bit rolled off. I have been thinking of the Marantz SA-14S1 player.
Any thoughts on this possible combination or another SACD option? $2500 new is my top spending amount, preferably $1500 if a used player in good condition comes available.
See if you can find a Sony 5400ES
In general I have always liked the cd layer of SACD's better than the SACD layer. Just my opinion
A used Oppo 95 by Modwright would be awesome. The SACD layer and decoding can be quite different than the cd layer on these discs. You really need to compare the cd layer to the sacd layer-it could be enlightening (or disappointing). Maybe even get some HD recordings to compare to?
I have not heard the SA14S1 but did have its little brother SA8005 in my home for a demo recently.
If you are worried about midbass and a slightly rolled off top end then I'm not sure Marantz (assuming the 14S1 and 8005 have the same house sound) is the right answer.
It was those very qualities that prevented me from buying the Marantz. I'm running KEF104.2 (tweeters restored) with a Modwright integrated.

Many others would disagree so I recommend trying a Marantz (or any other player for that matter) in your system first to ensure a satisfactory match.