SACD Warning--"Do not use liquid cleaning..." ?

Several of my SACDs come with a warning on the inside of the bottom of the case "DO NOT USE liquid cleaning and/or anti-static solutions on this disc." What is the story with these? I noticed that the disc surface looks different from my other SACDs.

Supposedly Shine-ola is safe for these SACDs. But how about Mikrosmooth (which involves rinsing the disc with water afterwards)?
There are some cleaners that are fine with most SACDs, notably Shine Ola and L'Art du Son. Others, you have to be careful with. I've used Mikrosmooth and never really liked it, sonically or logistically. No matter how hard I tried to avoid it, MS always left fine scratches on my discs.
Interesting. I never heard of this before. I've got about a dozen SACDs and none contain this warning (Polydor, Heads-Up, Columbia, Chronicle, etc labels). I use CD2000 CD Clean-it Kit and it works fine all CDs and DVDs at least so far. Will check from now on. Thanks.
Two of my SACDs that have this warning are on the Telarc label (Al Di Meola's _Flesh on Flesh_ and Ensemble Galilie's _From the Isles to the Courts_). The disc surface definately looks different on these.

I thought I remembered the instruction sheet for Auric Illuminator saying not to use it on Sonopress SACDs. Unfortunately, I can't find it the sheet.

My _Dark Side of the Moon_ SACD does not come with the warning but has a similar looking surface, which made me wonder if it has the same fragility issues.

Hooper: I used to get scratches with MS as well. But I realized it was the polish pads, not the product itself, that was causing the scratches. So now I just spread it around with the moistened end of my index finger. No more scratches.
Okay, I found this on the Auric Illuminator website, which seems to answer my orignial question:

Auric Illuminator is not compatible with early made hybrid SACDs made by Sonopress. You can identify SONOPRESS SACDs by a marking around the inner spindle circumference.

As of May 2003 Sonopress states "now we are using other materials and it is no longer necessary to have a special frontcoating. These discs have no sticker (warning against topical treatments) and you can clean the laserentry side carefully with special liquids like a normal CD." Therefore it is safe to apply Auric Illuminator to new Sonopress SACDs.


I'm not sure what the "special frontcoating" was, but apparently that was the problem.