Hello, I have never listened to a SACD system and would like to know how it compares to vinyl. Also, do you think SACD has good future in the massive market? I also posted this thread in the "digital" seecion, sorry about that but some people only enter to this section. Thank you.
SACD has no ticks, hiss or pops like many records do after some time. In my experience, the bass response of SACD is tighter than that of vinyl, the highs are more defined, and there seems to be more coherence. Certainly more dynamics in the music.

I recently listened to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis on LP, CD, remastered CD and Super Audio CD. I liked the super audio CD best, followed by the LP then the re-mastered CD. Did not care for the original CD release, which just mist the 'feeling'. This has to be one of the least impressive SACD's I own, so I was pretty impressed by that.

currently this question has only intellectual interest for me, nothing that i could make any practical use of - there's yust way to few titles awailable on sacd, & way-many awailable on winyl for me to consider an inwestment in sacd hardware presently. if/when sacd becomes as common as current redbook cd, then isle take the plunge - surely, it's gotta be better than cd! :>)

regards, doug