SACD vs. Redbook with NOS DAC

Silly question? Maybe not. I've been really enjoying the SACD format for some time. Relatively recently, I've been exposed to NOS DACs and have found there are a LOT of similarities: smoothness. They both sound like analog!!

So, now I'm at a point where I'm considering dumping my SACDP for a computer-based system with NOS/filterless DAC. I was just wondering if others have gone this very same route and have thoughts to share?
I had a Sony XA-777es SACD player in my system for around a year...I agree, more analog like than most digital.

I now have an old Counterpoint DAC in my has all the sound qualities that I liked so much in the Sony...or as you put it, "They both sound like analog!!"

I doubt old CD technology is BETTER than new CD technology. That doesn't make an ounce of sense.
I read the post wrong...NOS, DAH?...I was thinking in tubes.

CD's are old technology...does that make better sense? How about that even older technology, vinyl?...does that make an ounce of sense?

Well, Pawlowski6132, there are a lot of folks that disagree with you.

If you're taking a "technology" view of audio you should be very happy with an iPod.
Paulfolbrecht, I'm not talking about an evolution in technology paradigms i.e., CD player to MP3, I'm talking about improving a CDP. Do you guys expect me to believe that all these engineers spend gobs of hours and money re-designing, listening, R&D, new software algorithms, more listening comparing only to release products that are WORSE???? Don't you think they'd be able to tell that??

I'm missing something. Maybe you can enlighten me. That's what these forums are all about right?
Well, I don't know. You could argue that NOS done right IS new technology. I mean, nobody was building DACs like this 15 years ago! Just because upsampling came later than the original (default) NOS route doesn't mean it's superior.

Have you heard one of these newer-breed NOS/filterless DACs? I'm telling you, it sounds like analog. I sounds like vinyl. I am not kidding. No, not just as good as the best vinyl, of course, but really good, and analog in a very similar way to good SACD!

I too find it ironic that the path to "vinyl goodness" can be had both by tons of information (DSD) and good 'ole 16bit/44Khz with a really simple DAC.
Mind saying which brand & model dacs you are talking about?
I'm assuming NOS = that correct?
Oh, is that what NOS means in this context. I really did think it means New Old Stock. Duh.
Yeah, unfortunately double-use of the acronym here. ;-}

Best NOS DAC I've heard is AudioNote. Unfortunately, this was a $21K front-end with the transport. About 10x above my budget. But they all have the same basic characteristics - smoothness. Very very non-fatiguing and analog-like.
Thanx Paul. I'm going to drop out of this thread since I don't know what the hell I'm talking about!!

Although the topic is intriguing.