any comments on which format will win out? there seems to be a fair amount of "software" available for the HDCD, but have heard the SACD has better sound.
Of course the SACD format is superior to an HDCD encoded CD (not sure if it's better than DVD audio), but that doesn't mean it will win. I think MP3 will win, because it sucks, and the general public doesn't care a whit about sound quality! THEY NEVER HAVE. I'm not being pesimistic, either, I'm being realistic. Just survey 100 people on any street corner, and ask them if they think MP3 is superior to CD. Of those who even know what you're talking about, 90% will say yes.
My bet is that DVD audio will win, mostly because people are already familiar with DVD, and its becoming increasingly popular in video rental stores. As far as mp3 goes I belive they will live forever, though not comercially as RIAA wants to stomp the format. I have a computer hooked into my preamp via the digital out on a SBLive! card. The combo works very well, not as good as the original CD, but I make some fun play lists for parties. :o)
Lance if you think mp-3 is ok you should find another hobby.MP-3 contains 8% of the information thats on a cd.I guess your fun party tapes sound like crap or you cant tell the difference.Lets hope dvd wins it is supperior but Sony has a lot of pull.
Highend maybe you need a lesson in mathmatics. Granted mp3's compress to about 10% of their original size the information remains. I am sure you are familiar with zip files. Are you suggesting that zip files contain less information that their originals? Yes, but uncompressed for they are identical to the original. I will not defend MP3's anymore than to say for general listening they are acceptable, especially when you have a baby playing in the room. I much prefer sitting down and listend to CD's played on my Proceed/Levinson equipment, but its not everyday that I can do that in the peace and quite that I prefer. My hope is that DVD audio or SACD become the standard soon.
Lancel2000 I think your off a bit. MP3 is not a lossless compression system whereas Zip is. I don't disagree that its good enough for parties or playing over the vacumm cleaner, but clearly not for and serious listening.
I want a 5 channel SACD/ DVD-Audio, 192 upsampling, progressive scanning ( or maybe Hugh Def), all format player for under $1200. I bet I am not alone, and that sooner or later this is the approach that will be taken by all maqnufacturers. Hopefully sooner than later.