SACD via HDMI on Oppo BDP95?

If I understand correctly there is no way to output the sacd datastream from the Oppo to any processor and have the signal remain in dsd. I am trying to understand what will happen if you play an sacd on the Oppo connected to a Classe Ssp800 or Krell S1200 via hdmi. I would love to hear from kr4 on this as I know he listens to a lot of multiple channel sacds. I want to be able to listen to sacds via hdmi even if they are down converted . Please help.
The Oppo will output SACD through the HDMI outs as will most players that have HDMI 1.2 and above. Both processors you mentioned should be able to handle the SACD signal. The Classe may need an update if not the latest model.
I am afraid that, although the Oppo 95 can output DSD if the processor can accept it, neither the Classe nor the Krell are able to do this, afaik. I am certain for the Classe and believe so for the S1200 (since the 707 could not).

If the Classe and Krell don't accept the dsd data, what happens? Kr4 is correct about the two units not staying in dsd but you do get sound don't you?
You will not get sound if the receiver does not have DSD dacs. You have to set the oppo to output PCM over the HDMI cable. It will then work and sounds really good
Actually, you do not have to set the player for PCM. It will do so automatically when connected to a processor that cannot accept DSD.
The Classe SSP 800 supports multiple HDMI inputs at level 1.4, and also XLR Analog Stereo in. HDMI 1.4 inputs should thus fully support digital HDMI Audio from the BDP-95, including SACD, and is recommended by the Classe Manual as the preferred audio input pathway.
However, the fact that the BDP-95 has multiple Sabre DACS dedicated to the stereo conversion with analog XLR out in PureAudio mode, it will be interesting to compare SQ via these two different options.

You can perform a similar analysis for the Krell, and suspect it might show similar compatibilities, but have never heard of anyone being disappointed with a Classe component.
This looks like an incredible matchup, and would also provide an upgrade path with the newly released Modwright tube truth mods for the BDP-95.

Hope this helps, pls let us know how it works out!
Sandstone wrote:
The Classe SSP 800 supports multiple HDMI inputs at level 1.4, and also XLR Analog Stereo in. HDMI 1.4 inputs should thus fully support digital HDMI Audio from the BDP-95, including SACD............... PCM.
I am sure that Kr4 is correct. Not gonna get true sacd from any high end processor and that's a shame.
Some prefer PCM to DSD. I think John Atkinson does. Kr4 can correct me if I'm wrong. But high end processors should support DSD.
Most current receivers are HDMI 1.4 but will not decode DSD because they do not have the proper dacs to do so. The Sony 5400 receiver will decode dsd. Just because you are down converting dsd to pcm does not mean you are not getting true sacd surround sound. Actually the quality is quite good
I thought the only reason buy a $1000 BDP 95 rather than a $500 BDP 93 is for superior analog output, so external DSD processing would seem irrelevant.

db, that is true, but the OP specifically asks about SACD over HDMI to the Classe and Krell units, and it's clear that it aint going over as DSD, but rather PCM. As others have noted however, it seems PCM may be just as good as DSD. My question: is that true from anyone's experience?
Also, if the OPPO's Sabre DACs are so good, would SACD via multi-channel analog output from OPPO be better than DSD or PCM over HDMI to these two units? (guess it would be a battle of DACs and their respective implementation)
1. It is true from many people's experience but others differ. If you are expecting definitive proof, you will not find it.

2. Yes, it would depend on to what you connected the analog outputs and to what you connected the HDMI output. Note, however, that using the analog outputs precludes use of the DSP in the processor.

See my comments about this here: [url][/url]