SACD transports? Which models can transmit SACD?

Just wondering if there are any SACD transports which could send the SACD digital signal to my Accuphase DP-75V (which can have an SACD DAC card added). Obviously the digital out would need to transmit this format- perhaps the Sony DVP-s9000 ES. Any thoughts? THANKS!
There are only Two Sacd players that will do it, the catch is that you must also use their Receiver. So the answer would have to be no.
As far as I know, there is not yet a standard for outputting an SACD digital signal for consumer grade electronics. Currently, I think only proffesional equipment has such outputs. There is an SACD transport from SHARP but it has a proprietary output that can only be connected to a sharp digital amp
You could buy the insanely expensive Accuphase SACD transport, they have a proprietary link that would transmit to your DP-75v if you had the SACD card, but the 75v could not ouput the SACD data any further. Sound confusing? It is!
Thats why SACD is not an upgradable player... I am stuck with my SACD1000 which sounds like S_IT... Saving $$$ for SCD-1 or Lindenman.
The only SACD that output PCM is the dcs that will cost you over 10000$$
At least three units will output SACD data via firewire using the standard format agreed last Autumn/Fall. They are the Sony SCD XA 9000es, the Denon A-11/5900 and a recently released Pioneer universal player (I think it might be the 59Avi). All of them output a DSD stream using firewire and a common (i.e. standard) format.

There have been some problems with the Denon unit being unable to communicate with non-Denon gear; a firmware upgrade is said to correct this.