SACD Transport Recommendations

I am looking to upgrade my CD source equipment from a Yamaha BluRay running through a Denafrips Ares II to something that will enable me to play SACDs and get the full DSD experience. I’ve been looking at the new Marantz and Technics SACD players and I’m happy to invest the $4k CDN to get there. However, I prefer the idea of a transport with an external DAC as an upgrade path. Problem is that I haven’t come across a transport-only device that plays SACDs. Any recommendation?

The new PS Audio for 6k plays SACD and DSD, but you would need a DAC capable of those formats, such as the PS Audio.  I'm not familiar with all the capabilities of the Aries, but I'm pretty sure it will only play redbook if you go from the transport to the coax input.  This aside, I and many others here have gone the SACD route and found it generally disappointing as compared to maxing out their redbook setups.  Plus, do you own or plan to buy a lot of SACDs?  If not, I would personally let it go and buy a decent transport such as the Cambridge CXC or Audiolab and raise the performance level of your current dac. Or some might say buy a better dac and use your current transport. Then again, if you are dying to play SACDs, a lot of people here like the Marantz players.  
Steveinthebeach... I've had an interest in the Denafrips Ares II. Did you purchase yours from the dealer in Singapore and if so diid the process and receipt of the shipment go smoothly? Thanks.
I purchased my Aries II directly from Vinshine Audio in Singapore. It could not have gone better. It arrived sooner than expected. No freight or duty costs. 
I’m not sure of your associated equipment. But streaming has advanced to the point that investing that kind of money you can get you a substantial streamer that could probably provide equal or better quality sound.. but for less than the price of SACD a month you would have access to nearly infinite music much of it high Rez. There are thousands of HiRez titles... if it’s on SACD then it is probably on Qubuz (better service) or Tidal.

Manufacturer after manufacturer is discontinuing all disc players because the age of digital disks is over. Unlike vinyl, the digital disk only contains files... so there is noting unique about it. I recommend looking at Aurender... my first good streamer was an Auralic Aries G2... and that was really good.
Hm, and Nuprime now have 3 transports available but none of them for SACD. I really like formats so i keep buyings cds
If you get a SACD transport (Esoteric and McIntosh both make them), then be sure your SACD player will connect to it and properly play the SACD layer of the disk. Both Esoteric and Mac have their own proprietary connections for listening to the SACD layer through an outboard DAC. 
It will be cheaper to just buy a SACD player.  
I have had excellent results with Pioneer Elite, Sony ES and OPPO players that play native DSD, DSF files. 
Buy the best CD transport you can afford and rip the SACD’s if you have a suitable player.
$100 worth of Ras Pi will do it.
Cheaper than getting a converter to peel off the layer from HDMI to get ii into your DAC. The reason there are few transports is because Sony made it hard and expensive to access the DSD stream bypassing the player DAC.