SACD transport?

Is there a transport-DAC system available for SACD. If so, how much are we talking? I like breaking up my expenses. So, I was planning that my next big investment be a nice SACD. If I buy a transport, can I hook it up directly to a good processor?
A. Mani (Sub)
Not a chance current agreed upon method for signal transfer to carry from transport to DAC.
Currently there is no digital out for SACD (or DVD Audio either), therefore there are no external DACs.
I believe DCS has released a SACD transport using a fire wire output.
Accuphase offers such a product, but alas, since there is no format standard, you must buy the matching Accuphase DAC. They use two digital outs to transfer the monstrous signal. Cheers!

We just got in the new DCS Verdi CD/SACD transport. The interface is a IEEE1394 (Firewire). This is the interface of choice according to Sony.

The Verdi will play standard CDs and SACDs. When connected to a DCS Delius DAC or Elgar DAC, the clocks can be linked as well which further improves the standard CD playback.

The transport is $8995.

The combination is outstanding!!!
DCS has brought out a transport that will play both SACDs and redbook CDs, using a digital interface (I guess it's the firewire) that will work with their DACS. Heard it on redbook the other day at my dealer, but they have to update their Delius to take the DSD signal, so I'll have to wait to hear it on SACDs. As far as I've seen, there still is no universally accepted DSD interface, so manufacturers such as dCS and Accuphase have adopted their own for their own products, and it's not clear whether those interfaces will be able to match with other products from other manufacturers. Needless to say with the companies we're talking about, it's pretty pricey for these combos.