SACD surround system

Has anyone actually put one together with semi-decent equipment? What have you built and how pleased are you with ths results?

I'm using the following:
Sherbourne 7010/A pre/pro
HK Signature 2.1 Amp
Denon 2200
Velodyne ULD 15 II
Soliloquy Sat-5's all around-if I had room for full range speakers all around, I'd never leave the room.

The sound is quite amazing, clean, open, very rich and detailed. I just wish I could afford more SACD's. This set-up actually holds its own against my 2 channel SET system (except when using vinyl).
With the right disc (well mastered) any surround system, including SACD gives good results. And even less-than-audiophile systems can do surround well. The spatial effects are quite separate from audio quality.
I did...Sony XA-777es player, Sunfire theatergrand, Krell amps, Apogee speakers....25'x 22'x 9' room.

Sound was outstanding...not enough SACD's out at the time though...I jumped to early, (around 3 years ago).

I do still have an SACD/DVD Audio surround system...not as good as the one I had though....Pioneer/Sunfire/Onkyo/VMPS

See "system". Sometimes I like the remix, sometimes not. The extra resolution is sometimes astounding.
I have two such systems and multichannel SACD is, by far, my preferred music medium. One system is much more expensive and elaborate than the other but both give me great satisfaction in terms of resolution and soundstaging, especially with those that capture the ambience of the recording site.

I would right much more but I already have:

I have one with semi-indecent equipment and even it sounds good.
Here's a moderately priced SACD surround system that gives very satisfying results. It's also great for 2-channel listening.

TRL modded Sony 2000ES
Denon AVR 3805 pre/pro
Outlaw Audio 2200 mono blocks front
Musical Fidelity X10v3 Tube Buffer & XPSUv3 Power Supply
MF OML-2 front (compares well with Tyler Sig II), Ascend Acoustics Center, with Cambridge Audio surrounds.
HSU Research VTF-2 Sub
Speaker cable, power, and IC's - nearly all Signal Cable, with Speltz Anti-cable.

Happy? ... sometimes when I'm sitting in that "sweet spot" I can't imagine a system sounding too much better. SACD's originally recorded/mastered in multi-channel sound incredible. In fact, I've listened to my brother-in-law's expensive high-end system, with its Mark Levinson amps, Wilson Watt Puppys and $2,000 IC's ... and my system sounds just about there. Which goes to show that you don't have to spend $50K to get great sound IMHO.
In my previous post I forgot to mention the Revelation Audio Lab umbilical cord between X10v3 and XPSUv3 ... very important.
I notice that most have SACD integrated with HT. Anyone have a dedicated multi-channel SACD system, with five identical speakers and five identical power amps as the standard recommends?
No but one of my systems comes close. Front is three 802Ds and surround is a pair of 804Ss. Fronts driven by three BelCanto Ref1000s and the surrounds by a BC S300.

The other system has 3 Paradigm Studio/60s in front and 2 Studio/20s for surround, all driven from a 5channel amp.