SACD Software Question

Hello Everyone,.
Do all SACD's have both an SACD layer as well as a red book layer?
Thanks for your help.
Some are SACD only and will only play in a SACD player.
Some are "hybrid" and have the SACD part as well as the redbook part.
If new, they are usually marked as to what they are.
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No. The ones that do will be labeled hybrid.
I would add that there is also another layer on SACD's. That is a two channel only layer. So, with a hybrid SACD there would be three total layers; multi channel SACD (3 to 5 ch), 2 channel SACD, and redbook CD.
AFAIK, the 2channel DSD and the multichannel DSD are different tracks on the same layer.

Lokie, that's a misconception that I've heard posted before - Kr4 is correct. Note that there have also been dual layer non-hybrid SACDs produced, to make things even more complex, but we don't see these any more.

There used to be some great pictures on Disctronics UK, but I went to find them for you and got pushed to Deluxe Media, who bought them some time back; and their web site for Disctronics is broken.