SACD software prices are dropping.

Sony just released two Miles Davis SACDs with a $19.99 list price. Sony SACDs have generally had a $24.99 list price. Normal CDs generally have list prices around $16.99 to $17.99 so SACDs may soon have prices only a couple dollars more than CDs.

This week, many Tower Record stores have reduced all their Sony SACDs by $4.

This week, Telarc has announced a $2 reduction in their SACD prices.
Hot Damm ! I am out the door to Tower Records!!
Thanks Tommart for the info.
I can verify that Sony SACD prices are dropping to a retail of $20. My local dealer shared this information last week.
supply/demand phenomenon or a pitch to an untapped market? hope it's the latter. fear it's the former.
I'm hoping it's a lowering of standard price. I just ordered six more SACD's from Tower's website, and it appears that all the SACD's listed are either "low stock", or 3-5 days wait. From that, I assume that these are moving out at a fairly good clip. I bought my SACD player last fall, and have over 30 titles on SACD already.

I have high hopes for SACD. I was an early adopter of the CD format, 1983, however if my memory serves me correctly it took me several years to get 30 redbooks, back then, it was the same as it is now for SACD.

I recall reading a long time back in one of the rags that the strategy on pricing these discs was to be starting at $25, then lowering it as the format took hold. This is good news; now let's get some more new recordings out there!
Beemer: What heading are you using to access SACD's on the Tower Records site. I haven't had any luck. Thanks; Larry
I recall when CD came out. They said the prices would quickly fall to below $10 as the market took hold. Anyone remember those below $10 retail CDs? Me neither. The price has been set to what the market will bear. If we don't buy SACDs at $24, but do buy at $19 (I will)--then that will dictate the price. More than likely they will then increase the price to find out when people reduce purchasing SACDs. But if I can get a dual layer SACD (most Sony's aren't), which I can play in my SACD player and all my CD players at $19 I will buy it over a $13 CD any day.
Kelly my experience is that SACD are quite often back ordered on the internet. The two retailers in Mpls that I know have SACD can not keep them in stock. My personal experience would say this is the marketing plan and not weak deemand. Abstract7, I do remember that. Nexos is the only lable that has proven it possible, all the rest, greed! Again I find the values of audio to be amazing, people will scream holly he.. over a $500 power cord and the "profit" made, but are happy to open there wallets to 300% mark ups on software. 300% times 500 cd's vs $500 power cord. I think the power cord might be the bargain.
Sony is a mainstream manufacturer and not a low volume, highend company. It wants SACD to go mainstream and Sony knows that SACD won't go mainstrem by selling software at $25. IMHO, this is a key, calculated step to move SACD into the mainstream.
Hello Larry:

To get a list of sacd's on tower records site:

Select "all music" in one search box. In the other search box type: super audio

This works for me!

Thanks Paul! I was trying SACD & getting nowhere. Larry
I hear that CDNOW and have dropped their Sony SACD prices.
Dcc records has chosen sacd over dvd-a and there first two releases will be Sinatra and The Doors,guess there will be warner artists on sacd sooner than anyone thought.