SACD setup help

I just purchased a Sony 900 DVD/SACD player. I hooked it up with a COAX going into my Yamaha RX/V1 and two stereo cables going into my ARC Ref two. I have no trouble with SACDs in the two channel mode, but I get no input into the Yamaha in the multi-channel mode. It doesn't matter if I set the muti/two channel mode on the Sony to either. What makes this more perplexing is that the Sony has no problem with multi-channel movies with this configuration.
SACD is analog.You need 6 cables going from the DVD player to the Yamaha for 5.1 surround.Coax is for DD,DTS.JD
You are not getting SACD even in two channel mode with a digital coax from Sony to Yamaha. There is no digital output from SACDs, only from the CD layer of hybrid discs. The only way to get the SACD information out (stereo or multichannel) is by connecting the analog outputs of the Sony to the analog inputs of the Yamaha with stereo (or more) interconnects.
From what I understand, there is no SACD output at the digital out. This is part of the Sony SACD copy protection scheme. If you want to hear SACD, you will have to use the audio outs, in both 2 ch. and multi ch. The output on both 2 channel and multi channnel DVD's is available at the digital out, because it is not SACD. So you can get all the other formats out of the digital output, but you cannot get any form of SACD out of the digital output.
Digression: Soon there will be 3 formats: hi-rez, MP3, and the new Microsoft audio format enhanced by HDCD for online use.
No wonder you can't get a hi-rez data stream.
All high resolution audio, whether it is 2-channel or multi-channel SACD or DVD-AUDIO is decoded in the video player. Thus, you have to use the analog outputs. To get multi-channel you must have 6 analog inputs on your A/V receiver or processor. Almost all have that feature now days.

The digital output will pass DD and DTS signals to be
decoded in the processor, assuming, of course, you're not using the dvd player's internal DD/DTS decoder. This also assumes the disc has a DD layer imbedded, most probably do.

The reason for all this is, of course, the RIAA's paranoia about copying. They don't care if you copy an analog signal, just digital signals.

DVD movies play because they are DD/DTS encoded and the digital out passes these audio signals as they are supposed to do.