SACD's: Recomendations, ones to avoid

With SACD's costing $25 to $30 each, it would be nice to hear feedback from you guys as to which ones sound and are musicly great and which ones are turkeys. I have read comments that some of the SONY discs are not that good, i.e. Weather Report, Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, are simply not that well recorded to begin with. In TAS, the reviewer couldn't stand the Telarc Broadway disc.Chesky, and some other small specialty labels are bring out discs but who has ever heard of the musicians? The Audioquest discs would appear to be terrific, if you like blues.
Has anyone heard the Chesky releases? I would like to try some. It's too bad that they are not bringing out their new releases on SACD, Same with TELARC, only a few selected releases, so far. BTW, the Carmina Burana with the Philadelphia Orchestra was not that great a recording, I have several other versions that I prefer. I'll have to try it again since my player has "burned in". There is a great deal of tape hiss on this recording. I would be careful of the columbia reissues.
BTW: is there anyone out there? Sometimes I feel like the only person on the planet with one of these machines. I would like to keep this thread going as new releases come out so I don't have to waste $30 a piece on mediocre music or recordings that don't merrit the SACD treatment.
I have had the SCD-777ES since Feb. I have all of the DMP recordings. They are at or near the top of the list. I have SACDs from each label (MFSL, DMP, Waterlilly, Sony, Telarc). It depends on the recording.
I finally openned the Mobile Fidelity Duke ... Orbit. If you have an SACD player you must get this SACD. This is cearly the best recorded SACD. If Mobile Fidelity produced all of the SACDs, this format would really take off.
Talked to Acoustic Sounds yesterday. They said that the MoFi Duke was recorded with the Meitner electronics which is why it sounds so great. Also, it is apearantly taking a lot of time to get masters transfered to DSD. Sony will loan their recorder to other companys, i.e. Chesky, Audioquest, etc, but it there are only a few machines to go around. Acoustic Sounds says they are "working on" getting their origional recordings transfered but that it might take years to get the whole catalog out. As far as them releasing any of thier comercial catalog on SACD, that would have to be negotiated with the record company on an individual basis and could take a year or more to get the rights to release a disc. Most of the newer releases that they have in their catalog are NOT alailable yet. None of the Cheskys or APO's and only some of the Telarc's are available. They will BO them and ship as soon at they are in stock.