SACD's: Recomendations, ones to avoid

With SACD's costing $25 to $30 each, it would be nice to hear feedback from you guys as to which ones sound and are musicly great and which ones are turkeys. I have read comments that some of the SONY discs are not that good, i.e. Weather Report, Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, are simply not that well recorded to begin with. In TAS, the reviewer couldn't stand the Telarc Broadway disc.Chesky, and some other small specialty labels are bring out discs but who has ever heard of the musicians? The Audioquest discs would appear to be terrific, if you like blues.
Also, on one thread someone mentioned the Joe Satriani disc as being great. The MoFi Duke Ellington is also reported to be terrific, if you can still find it.
Mofi Ellington is one of the best I have heard. Many of those I own or listened to at audio shop ahve sounded over engineered. Much like a vast number of new vinyl re-releases the mixing is excessive, bringing out too much of what the producer may have felt was needed while remixing. Herbie Hancock is not bad, Billie Holiday is awful, Some tune s on Billy Joel's 52nd St are very nice. Moat of the classical releases don't touch the vinyl. You may want to purchase the samplers.
I have to agree. The Best SACD that I have out of my 18 SACDs so far is MFSL's Duke Ellington, Blues in Orbit. It's an incredible recording. It's too bad that this is the only SACD (dual layered actually) that MFSL released. Buy if you find it.