SACD's dsd to analog conversion?

Is quite confusing to understand these days what manufacturers are doing when implementing the new digital technologies, particularly SACD. Who knows which manufacturers are using direct dsd to analog data conversion vs. dsd-to-pcm-to-analog for SACD's? Are manufacturers of SACD players going the pcm-to-dsd-to-analog route and does that represents an improvement in the sound reproduction of redbook cd's? Are all sacd's "created" equal so that such a recording of the same music will always sound better than its redbook cd counterpart? Too many questions. Who's got the answers?
Please read Ric Shultz's response below to a similar question posed on AA. The question in that case related to universal players but the idea is the same:

Also bear in mind that most sacd authoring involves stages of pcm at high sample rates, and mastering engineers do not feel that this degrades the sound they get. There is a great deal of confusion among consumers about what affects sound quality with sacd, in part because not enough has been published about the subject.