For those not aware: has over 1000 sacd's listed on their site with a breakdown for pure DSD recordings along with other info., this site has not been around for two long.
There are also some very thoughtful and thorough reviews on Plus, the list of new and soon-to-be-released discs is exhaustive, making it by far the best site for SACD software information I have found on the entire Internet. The man who runs it, Stephen Best, is great to work with and highly responsive to contact and input. All in all, it's a site that I use constantly, and recommend 100% to anyone looking for information on SACDs.
I started a thread a while ago about this and it got a great response! Its a good idea to bring this up again- there are updates so often its hard to keep up to date.
Thanks Tireguy, I had not seen that thread. Someone over at AA was looking for pure DSD recordings. A link to this site with a breakdown of pure DSD recordings was given, had not seen a list on any other sacd site, these do sound very good, much better than most of the analog remasters.
Thanks Sogood51. Tireguy, I missed the original thread but you're right that it's a good idea to bring this up again. I enjoyed visiting the site.

P.S. Tireguy, how do you do that? i.e., establish a link within your text
ozfly-This will explain it