SACD releases

Is this format going the way of the do-do bird or what? I just picked up a player and realized the releases have all but stopped - other than some Genesis titles. It looks like Nothing good is slated for the future.
Just classical and jazz.
Maybe you should do your homework in advance next time.
FWIW, I still have a SACD player, and a lot of SACD titles. It does sound better, and I cannot imagine going back to a redbook player. That being said, the glory days of SACD are in the past. The last couple of years it's been moving more into a 'cottage' type of industry, not unlike vinyl, meaning minimum release compared to mainstream music. Unfortunately, the public has spoken, and once again chosen lower price over quality.

I second Johns comments. Superior format but unsuported by the big recording companies and the general public for obvious reasons. But I listen exclusively to Jazz and Classical and new releases keep coming. And agree it is and is going to continue to be a small cottage industry for obvious reasons.

You are right. I just hope someone continues to release a few titles other than classical and jazz, although I don't mind those. For some reason it seems DVD audio is getting more rock/pop titles. I went with the SACD only player because I had some bad luck with DVD audio on universal players. 1. the menus were horrible to the point I couldn't get discs to play unless I hooked the player up to a television set. Also, I purchased a few discs that sounded horrible.
I've owned universal players, but never really got in to DVD-A discs because of the reasons you mention, they just didn't sound all that good. IMHO, in general, SACD's sound the best. I say 'in general' because I have heard poorly recorded SACD's and fabulous recorded redbook cd's

Have you checked out this site? Plug in the genre of music you are looking for and find out the available titles.

Walked into Best Buy the other day looking for DSOTM and was surprised to find out they have given up on them as well. There is still stuff available at Amazon and the like.

BTW, what are some good classical titles to start the SACD-Classical plunge? Not a huge classical listener but I do enjoy it and I'd love to give it a spin. TIA.
That's a good site, thanks.

Not sure what you like but I have found most of the RCA Living Stereo releases to be very good recordings and also very reasonably priced.

And I still hold hope but 99% of the audiophiles even miss the SACD/DVD-A advantages. The 50kHz extension can not be heard (I'm good to 16kHz only) but it definitely creates a presence and placement that is unmatched. Sadly, most only have 20kHz limited speakers.
The sound improvement from SACD and DVDA is audible throughout the spectrum.

At present, Classical music seems to be the only future for SACD!
Check out the site, Acoustic Sounds.