SACD/Redbook one-box solution?

Folks: I have a Cary 308 CDP and am thinking about SACD. Is there a SACD player that plays redbook cds as well as a higher-end 24-bit player? Please educate the ignorant. Thanks, y'all.
not any stock players no.
My guess is that it takes BIG BUCKS to get the redbook performance of your CD-308 standard from a one box SACD/CD player.

I own a Cary CD-308 and I previously owned a Sony DVP-9000ES SACD/DVD/CD player. The Sony is regularly praised for its redbook performance, however, IMS the Sony was not even close to the Cary in overall performance. I even tryed using the Sony as a transport for redbook playback using a well reviewed DAC. Even in this setup, the Cary spanked the Sony/DAC setup.

Maybe a non-DVD based unit would be a better pick, but I don't know which one would get you there. Maybe the Accuphase, Shandling or Consonance, but I have not heard any of them.


The Cary's are Philip's transport based, maybe the Philips 963SA would fill the bill, with upsampling to boot.

There have been a couple of players that were excellent in both sacd and redbook cd in the past: the classe and accuphase. I heard the musical fidelity tube sacd/cd player at he2003 and was very impressed. if you have $6000+ for a unit, there is nothing that comes close unless you listened to the 2 mentioned above for over twice the price. a new kid in town that does both sacd and sacd very good for little money if the philips dvd963sa. I have the sony 9000es and have listened to the scd-1, 777es, the marantz sa-1 and model 14 sacd/cd players, and the new philips sounds much better in redbook cd playback than any of these mentioned players and does a very good job at sacd also, all for $500.
I agree with Rbstehno on the MF Tri-Vista and the new Accuphase 77. I did not think that the Phillips beat my Sony 777ES in redbook playback in my system anyway.
I'm planning to have Dan Wright mod a Sony DP999ES with his tube stage. $700 for the player plus $1200 for the mod = $1900 for a machine that buy all accounts is marvelous. Warranty issues are addressed by Dan doing any required work and charging only for parts. Any comments? Any firsthand experience with this mod?
I finally gave up and purchased a dedicated redbook player. I had a Marantz SA-14 SACD player and the redbook was good, but not great. I wanted great. I now have an Opus 21. You have to spend some bucks to get great playback in both formats. The meitner is supposed to be the king.
John Marks (of Stereophile and audiophile CD producer) uses the Marantz SA-14 SACD player for playback of his CD's.

He is excellent at answering e-amails.

I bought one to replace my older Krell setup. I am thrilled with mine.

I have the Marantz Sa14 ver2 and it is the best SACD/CD player I have had so far...My previous CD reference was Accuphase dp75...also this ver2 is a major improvement over ver1 as I hear and as was said in Japan.
You can't go wrong with the TriVista. Absolutely outstanding!
Audio Aero is coming out with a 1 box upsampling CD/SACD player.
Buy a Philip 1000 or SONY 9000es if you want to try
the modwright mod. If might not cost you much,
instead of buying expensive SACD/ and good redbook
cdp.I yalk to Dan. He seems very good on what He does.
Good Luck. Not promoting Dan.No relation by blood,
or by business.