Sacd recommendations

I kind of stopped following Sacd releases around 2004. Can anyone recommend some good recordings released since then? I am most interested in acoustic/bluegrass/country but would be interested in recommendations for any genre except classical. I would only listen to the stereo mix so multichannel is not important.

If you don't have Jorma Kaukonen's "Blue Country Heart," it is a must. SACD sonics are terrific and with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and some Bela Fleck, you can't go wrong.
This topic has been covered here before.

My recommendation is Whites Off Earth Now. This is the debut album from The Cowboy Junkies. This is a limited edition MFSL Ultradisc release. This is an extraordinary recording, and the material is top notch. I personally feel that this is a better record than their more famous sophomore effort, The Trinity Sessions.

Another one to look out for is Mark Levinsons; Live recordings at Red Rose Music Vol. I. This is a sampler of live acoustic music that is quite possibly the best recording I have ever heard.

Both of these releases however are now out of print and could be difficult and or costly to obtain. They are worth it.
James Taylor-Hourglass
Thanks for the recommendations. I already have most of those mentioned except for the levinson recordings, and they seem to be hard to find.

It seems to me that once Sony stopped throwing money around labels stopped releasing SACDs. Kind of disappointing but I understand the reasoning behind it.

The Red Rose Set is still available from Acoustic Sounds. The Carole King - Tapestry sacd, Marlena Shaw - Live in Tokyo & Pirates by Rickie Lee Jones sacd approach the sound quality of the best vinyl versions of all these records.
I would recommend in the contry genre:
Jerry Douglas: Lookout For Hope
You can find it on most stores,