SACD Player with hi-rez digital input


There are plenty SACD Players that can accept data with sampling rate up to 95 kHz. However, I am looking for players with digital input(s) capable to accept 176.4 kHz and 192 kHz (24 bit ) data?

Thank you in advance

Playback Designs MPS-5
what about esoteric SA 50
Hello A1126lin: Esoteric SA-50 can accept only data with sampling rate up to 96 kHz

dCS Paganini
dCS Scarlatti
Alpha dac (no sacd)
Weiss Medea+Weiss Vesta (no sacd)
APL Hi-Fi NWO-4.0-SE
Hello A1126lin: Esoteric SA-50 can accept only data with sampling rate up to 96 kHz

are you sure? I thought it accepts 24/192 on optical dig in
Lindemann 820S SACD player will accept up to
24bit/192kHz through it's 3 SPIDF and 1 AES/BU inputs.
Also has an accessory interface available that converts USB in to SPDIF out. Very versatile up sampling player with a
high quality built in preamp that can be bypassed.
Hello Audioholik,

RE: Input digital signal's sampling frequency in SA-50?

I spoke with some guy at Esoteric USA "Tom"...he could be mistaken. My computer does not recognize the language of the post(s) - link to which you postsed ( I presume its Chinese if ".tw" but could be Japanese...

Can you copy and paste here the translation of the appropriate spec

Also Lindermann 820S SACD Player's MSRP is about $21k - a bit out of my budget.

Thank you
Hello Dob,

according to this source it should accept 24/192kHz

"Two-channel SACD player, can read SACD, CD, CD-R and CD-RW. Digital Input: RCA × 1 (input frequency of up to 24 bit / 192kHz), TosLink × 1 (input frequency of up to 24 bit / 192kHz), B-type USB × 1 (input frequency of up to 16 bit / 48kHz). "

link to the article translated by google translate
Audioholik: Thank you very much for translation. I will cotact Esoteric again. If their Tawain importer is correct then this is what I need. If not then I will continue my search.

Thanks again
I would seriously look at the Playback Designs MPS-5 over the Esoteric. Just a personal observation of the two of course.
Technically it's not possible to pass native 24/192 through 1 rca input or 1 toslink input.
"Technically it's not possible to pass native 24/192 through 1 rca input or 1 toslink input "

Hello Kops - yes, I am familiar with this statement. Only AES or even two ARS can trasfer 192/24. I am not engineer and thus I am unable to argue on merit.

However, I read thi statement many years ago, and since it was not written in bible and in stone and both coaxial and fiber optic may have very wide bandwidth I see no inherent reason why clever engineering and/or change in standards cannot absoultely make it possible.

For support of the above (support is not prove its just that "support" - I advise you to look into Sound Sceince Web Site. Very cleaver engineer builds music servers there (Music Vault). One of these servers "Music Vault 24-192" - can (and you can infer it from its title too) pass 24/192 data via its coaxial output. This one I am planning to use together with DAC part of SACD Player if and then I will find one I like, and .....can afford

Thank you
P.S I hope I am right in my optimism.
Kops, would you care to elaborate on why that is not possible?
My friend Mark (Hunter-1) cannot log-in here. However, he spoke with Esoteric Technical rep, Tim and indeed I was wrong. SA-50 can accept up to 192 kHz and 24 (or 32?) bits via its coaxial and optical (Toslink) S/PDIF digital interconnects.


Perrew can you measure the jitter from spdif?
Who will do the resampling and recloking?

I guess top engineers of top brands (dCS, Weiss, Esoteric, Wadia...) choose usb or firewire (along with anti-jitter devices) for hiresolution and these engineers had written history in digital the last years.
Now if this is possible and sounds good it is welcomed by me but not as an ultimate solution soundwise due to jitter-transfer problems.
good to know there's a SACD/CD player that can also serve as a DAC for music server, making the purchase of another device (24/192 DAC) obsolete.