SACD player with digital input

I'm looking for an SACD player that also has a digital input. A Logitech Touch would feed the input. I would play Apple Lossless, and 96/24 or 88.2/24 flac files through the input. I'm not sure how jittery the Touch is, so the digital input would have to reject jitter well enough. 

Currently I have a DacMagic, so I would want the performance to equal or surpass it. My current SACD player is the Sony 595. It is okay, but 96/24 files played through the DacMagic sound better than my SACDs, and I was thinking it would be nice to have a one box solution. 

Budget is $1000, new or used. 

I like the idea of a Cambridge 840C, but of course it doesn't play SACDs. Is this unit good enough that I wouldn't care about SACDs anymore?
I suggest you don't invest anymore in SACD and wait for the Blu-Ray Audio releases. If you have any of the 2L blu ray releases, that often come with the SACD equivalent, you will get some idea of the things to come. I have their TrondheimsolisteneDivertimenti release and the improvement of Blu is very real.
If you
wouldn't care about SACDs anymore
, why are you looking for a SACD player? Maybe you should look for a regular CD player.
I'm looking for a SACD player because as a classical music listener, there are many titles to choose from in the SACD format, most notably the RCA catalog from the 50s. There are many new releases coming out all the time too.

If the SACD player doesn't have digital inputs, it's not the end of the world. I just want a player that will equal the performance of the DacMagic.
Marantz KI pearl.The shortest route to SACD magic,might have to folk out a bit more than a grand but well worth it...
I agree with Fafalon. The least expensive SACD Player with digital receiver, I am familiar with is KI Pearl (Toslink)
The Marantz SA-15S2 plays SACD's and has a optical in.
Thanks for the heads-up on the Marantz options. I looked at their website and the new SA8004 has optical, coax, and USB inputs. I looked at the manual, and the optical and coax support up to 192kHz, and the USB supports up to 96kHz. At $1000, it seems like something to try. What else is out there?
Markhyams ... Are you sure the Sa8004 has digital inputs , all I saw was digital outputs
Tmsorosk: Yes, according to the Marantz website. Check it out.

Take a look at the Esoteric SA-50. It has 3 digital inputs and its coax input that you will use with your Logitech Touch has a re-clocker and sencond PLL for ecternal inputs. This will reduce jitter to a small amount. Plus this player has a rock solid reliable transport. Look used here on A-gon they seldom come up.
I say you'd be far better off buying a used top shelf Red Book CD player than a mediocre SACD Player for the same money. Not many high end SACD players with a digital input at $1000, even used.

Compromise for price sake to obtain the superior medium and you get just that; compromise. SACD deserves the best in playback resolution.