SACD player with Analog Volume Control.

I listen mostly to CDs so I have decide to directly go from the Source to the Amp (Rowland Model 10) bypassing the Pre (Pass Labs X-1). Now all I have to do is track down a good SACD player with a integrated volume control. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Preferably a multi-channel SACD player with XLR connections, so I don't have to upgrade in the future.
Not sure about the multi-channel thing and it isn't analog volume control(digital instead) but the accuphase DP-85 would do everything else, including draining your bank account :) msrp is $16,500 I believe. Dan Wright of modwright most likely can modify one of the sony units to do EVERYTHING you want at a fraction of the cost.

the passive Placette RVC (remote volume control) is the answer. either rca ($1000 list) or balanced ($1800 list), it will give you a state of the art vishay-resistor 128-step volume attenuator with remote control. you will not be limited to a particular SACD player. you will need an additional set of interconnects.

in my system it is totally transparent. in some systems depending on the output of your sacd player and the gain of your amps you might want the RVC very close to your amps (a short interconnect from RVC to your amp). i have compared the Placette RVC with the volume control in the Audio Aero Capitole 192/24 (version 1) and found the RVC to be considerably more transparent.

for the Sony XA777ES for example, you could have the RVC on the 2-channel output and the multi-channel output could go thru a multi-channel processor/preamp for home theater/multi-channel music. i THINK there is a separate 2-channel output on the XA777ES but i'm not 100% positive.

these Placette units come up used for about 60% of list price from time to one.
Actually Tireguy is correct. Dan from Modwright not only can add an analog volume control, but already has. It is excellent. I have heard it numerous times and am completely impressed. Give him a call, you will not be disappointed.