sacd player vs cd separates

I currently have a Proceed CDD (very similar design to ML 37) - Kimber D60 - BelCanto DAC2. I'm considering a decent - not exorbitant - sacd player. Would an unmodded Marantz SA14 equal, or come pretty close to, my current redbook playback?

Through far better systems than my own, I can't hear any significant, short-term difference between my CDD and a 37, or my DAC and a Cary 306/200, Levinson 360s or Theta Casablanca II, ludicrous as that observation sounds.

I'd like the option of one box cd/sacd playback, without dvd-based transports or multi-channel, but also don't want to take a step backwards playing CDs, which is 99% of my material. I've read posts of the sa14, it's been around awhile now and some have reported problems - offer me alternatives short of a MF tri-vista or equally old sonys.

Keeping my DAC and/or modding the Marantz are options, but more $$ than I'd prefer for now. And keeping my current redbook setup until sacd matures further makes more sense, but seems most players are going universal/multi-channel/video, raising the price and/or lowering the quality for features I don't need.

Appreciate your inputs and alternatives...

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