SACD player recommendations budget 3k.

I have a lot of SACD disc collection, and I think it’s worth spending 3k. Any recommendations will help.
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Hello jayctoy!

Not knowing anything about your system, in your shoes, my solution set would involve 3 elements.
(1) a DSD capable DAC
(2) a SACD player with HDMI out
(3) a GeerFab d.BOB (digital breakout box) which goes for $999
With a $3000 total budget, after spending ~1K on the d.BOB,
I’d put the lion’s share of the remaining ~2K on a good DSD DAC,
(say $1500 to $1600 for a DAC - like say a Chord Qutest or whatever, and $400 to $500 for the actual SACD player, which in effect would be acting as a SACD HDMI transport)
So in summary, my recommendation would be
SACD player feeding d.BOB via HDMI, and then d.BOB feeding DSD DAC of choice via Coax or Toslink.

+1 tvad’s suggestion

get a sony or marantz sacd unit modded by dan wright w his 5687 tube output stage and 5ar4 rectification

cd/sacd won't sound much better than this

i have one of each... no you can’t have one :)
+1 for the Dan Wright.
I have the Pioneer LX500 which Dan modded and it is wonderful, open, dynamic and dead quiet. He is also a pleasure to work with. Worth getting his opinion on this.
Dan did my Sony 9000es for $1900 more than 15 yrs ago it was way better than the exemplar Denon mod, the laser died, I agree Dan is good.Jj ss49 I do have marantz 8005 sacd and Yamaha s1000.Jazzman7 Iam thinking that route too..
Or just find a discounted Marantz Ruby (SA-KI).
Marantz 8005 sacd no longer available per Dan site...
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Dan does not do 8005 sacd mod anymore...
Another vote for used Marantz Ruby....or stretch the budget a tad and buy new.  A great player.
that is correct, dan has pretty much graduated from the mods business for cdp’s...

his mods basically take a very high quality cd/sacd player and upgrades the output stage to make the sound sweeter

still used units out there though
Marantz new or used

 ruby is fantastic

 I’d take a look at the new 30 series for $2,500
Music direct has the maRantz ruby sacd , I can audition one, or wait for open box too.
The Marantz Ruby KI CD player 
or new model 30 .
I have a Yamaha CDS-2100, and have been pretty happy with it. Great feel on the interface, real solid feel. Although I use. Schist Gumby for red book, the SACD output on the Yamaha is great. 
Dprincipato I do have Yamaha s1000 sacd and gungnir schiit dac like what you have, They are good combo....
Used or open box Luxman D-05U show up from time to time.
Technics sl g700
super unit
streamDac based on dual mono
Jazzman7 music direct has the Geerfab, D Bob. Can I use my marantz 8005 sacd on the D.Bob what improvement I would expect? The sacd Of 8005 marantz is above average, is not even close to my old esoteric sacd player. I think it’s esoteric SA 10, the lazer stop working, repair is very expensive.So I gave it to a friend.
Try to grab Marantz SA-11s2, IME it is as good as Luxman D-05U.  
Sony should bring new models out.

I just looked up the specs on the Marantz SA8005.
Googled and found them at Crutchfield here:
It doesn’t qualify as a SACD HDMI transport because it lacks an HDMI output. As far as utilizing it as a DAC, it again doesn’t qualify because from my reading of the specs, although the USB input looks to be DSD capable, the coax and toslink inputs appear to be limited to PCM only.
So won’t do the trick working with the d.BOB.

What I like about the d.BOB approach is that it opens up the possibility of pairing it with any DSD capable DAC you can think of, both now and in the future. I’ve only read about the d.BOB. I don’t own enough SACDs (5 at last count) to make it worth my while. I do own a Chord Qutest, and can testify that it is one hell of a DAC for the money. I also own a couple of Universal SACD capable players with HDMI outputs (A Denon 2910 DVD player and an Oppo 83SE Bluray player).

Feel free to PM me if you wish to get hold of me, and I’ll be happy to offer my opinion or share my perspective.


I suggest that you give a call to the folks at GeerFab.
I just assumed that a DSD DAC was part of the solution set, and want to make sure I'm not leading you astray.

Rereading their materials, the d.BOB 
"Outputs DSD64 via the DoP (DSD over PCM) protocol and hi-res PCM up to 24/192 through the S/PDIF Coax and Toslink Optical outputs to an external DAC".

Given that the d.BOB is providing DSD over PCM, is a DSD DAC still required, or will a PCM only DAC do the trick.

I've had the Modwright Sony 9000, MW Sony 9100, and have the MW Sony 5400 Signature Truth still.  All were great sounding but each one is a little better than the previous one.  If you can find a used one out there somewhere, that would be the ticket.  Dan gave me a great trade-in price on each unit.  

I use a Denon DVD-5910. It’s a fantastic universal player, that’s built like a tank, and I have used it for years with zero issues. 
Aewarren I did have three system, with three tt, On my main system Iam using SME 10, on my 2nd system I use vpi Jr scout, On my third system I use project yellow submarine, Yup vynil is amazing, I want to buy good sacd player because I own so many good sacd selections. I also believe sacd sound is very very close to vynil.
DMcnealr8 I agree the Denon 5910 is very good. I did have a shootout between my Sony Modwright 9000 es and the Denon dvd 3910 ememplar..both very good unit.
+1 on the d.BOB

I use it with a Sony UBP-X800 player which outputs native DSD from SACD discs over HDMI into the d.BOB, which then feeds DSD64 over PCM (DoP) into my Meitner MA-1 V2 DAC.

Couldn‘t be happier, received one of the first units here in Europe back in January and use it ever since with brilliant results, very close in comparison to streaming the DSF files of the same recordings with my EMM Labs NS1 streamer.

I do power the 12V rail (the d.BOB has a separate 12V DC in at the back) with battery power from a KingRex SLAP! unit. Currently connecting the d.BOB with Coax to the Meitner because initially I found that to sound a bit better than Toslink (in my experience a good Toslink implementation often seems to be tricky, although theoretically potentially superior due to the galvanic isolation), but want to revisit that shortly.
Hi I own a Yamaha CD S-2100. It's a superb machine with high end performance at a reasonable price.
My Sony SCD-1 (modified) is freaking amazing. Still great after 20 years.
I have a related question: is there anything to be gained spinning red book CDs on a transport with HDMI output to PS Audio Directstream DAC Sr. vrs coax to the same DAC? I have no SACDs. Current transports (Azure 840C and OPPO 105) have coax out only. Don’t mean to hijack the thread.
My first SACD player was a Marantz SA 8004.  I replaced it with a secondhand Denon DCD-A100 a couple of years ago, which was a noticeable step ahead in sound quality.  A few months ago I acquired a new Denon DCD-1600NE, and the DCD-A100 went into storage.  I was happy with the DCD-A100, but wanted a new, current model so it would be under warranty and I could take it to a Denon service facility about ninety minutes from here. 

I was surprised at the sonic improvement.  I'm still working my way through the collection, rediscovering everything.  SACD's sound better than ever, but the improvement is larger for redbook CD's.  The two Denon models have progressively narrowed the gap between SACD and redbook.
For those with large and growing SACD collections, do your recent purchases of SACD tend to be more new or more used SACD?

As someone thinking about “going there” (owning exactly zero SACD today but interested), I’m wondering what the current landscape of SACD purchasing is????
I buy SACDs and CDs.  It’s the Music, not the Medium
Keen0006 go to Elusive. Com and acoustic sound , buy the single layer Venus sampler sacd they are of the best brand for $39 , I like them better than esoteric sacd $59, huge selections.Japanese brand are excellent but pricey.both elusive, acoustic sounds, and music direct go on sale
kren0006:  I own about 100 SACD's and 700 CD's.  I became interested in SACD's about two years ago.  Persuaded that SACD's were always better than redbook CD's, I bought many pop and jazz titles, both new and used.  And I learned the hard way that it's more important to find the best mastering, starting with checking the dynamic range.  I ended up replacing maybe 20 of the SACD's I had purchased, sometimes with regular CD's.

Other things being equal, SACD still beats redbook CD, but as I mentioned above, the gap narrows with a higher-quality player.
There is no substitute for research.  If you are considering a multichannel SACD but plan to play the stereo layer, make sure the stereo layer uses the same mastering.  If its dynamic range is much less than that of the multichannel layer, it probably is a different mastering.  There are also some notorious cases out there where the redbook layer of an SACD used the same mastering as a previous redbook CD rather than the mastering of the SACD's stereo or multichannel layers.
Be sure to check the DR of any SACD released at the height of the loudness wars, circa 2005.  There is a lot of dreck out there with DR of between 7 and 9, and the SACD format does not make it any less so.
If you avoid the pitfalls, SACD sound quality definitely rewards the effort.

Good to know, thank you to last two posters.
SD40 I agree, IME if the redbook sounds good ,on SACD it will sound even good.Resaearch makes a lot sense, will save you a lot of money and disappointment.Its really fun buying sacd and vynil nowadays.
Which is trickier to buy without disappointment, SACD or vinyl?

Or maybe stated another way, which medium requires more research to do it right?
SACD is less complicated, vynil for me is a bit more tricky, because at times they have 33rpm, 45rpm, price difference as well, also at times plenty of choices too, the best way is find audiophile,someone who loves vynil near you, hopefully he will let you listen to what he has.My friend who has lots of new and old releases come to my house before covid , and he brings all the title I requested, and some for his own favorites.its costly to make mistakes on vynil.I tried to be very very patience buying.
By the way Kren006. I serve this guy delicious food, so he will keep coming back,so I can listen to all his top gun records,  Iam a good cook though..It works.
I can address only one side of that question.  I overhauled and expanded my CD/SACD collection during the last eighteen months.  Most choices were researched by checking, which contains user-contributed dynamic range reports for many pop/rock titles.  I checked the dynamic range of discs I already owned using the TT-DR Offline freeware.  Dynamic range is an important data point, but not a litmus test.  Variances of 1 point can be ignored.
The most time-consuming (and absorbing) part was the Steve Hoffman Music Forums, where the main focus is mastering.  Simple searches like "best version of XXX" often bring up lengthy threads.  Sometimes they are a waste of time, but often they contain valuable information, and I have come to identify some posters as more or less in tune with my own preferences.  If, like me, you had become bored with the mediocre CD's accumulated over thirty years, you will learn why--better, you will learn what to look for to replace them.
Other places to check, if you need to, are and Amazon user reviews.

Finally, I checked Discogs to see what versions were produced.  This is the best way to see if a title is available in SACD.  It works very well for pop and some jazz, less well for classical.  For-sale listings on Discogs are more tightly rated and described than on the well-known auction site.  Determining the version sometimes gets right down to what the tiny printing in the center of the disc says.
All in all, it's an adventure.
Take a look at the new Techniques SL-G700 SACD Player.  Steve Guttenberg did an extensive review of this unit and says this thing excels with SACD's.  Retail is 3k.
Another vote for the Marantz Ruby, I love mine.
kren006...I buy new, but used by a specific artist I want. I refuse to purchase some ie. TOTO IV used sacd is a ridiculous price! Also various versions of SACD, shm-sacd, mofi-sacd, Canadian sacd(DS - BIA) etc. Some sound great and some not so, making one wonder the cost of going down the SACD Avenue. 
Point of clarification regarding the d.BOB:

a DSD DAC is required. Specifically, one that accepts DoP over Coax and/or Toslink. There a partial list at

I was in the exact same boat as you - i.e. looking for a decent CD/SACD player to handle the few SACDs I have or might buy in the future.

In the end, I used an Oppo BDP-103 with Sonore’s free ISO2DSD software to rip all of my SACDs to DSF files. I then use my Matrix Audio Element X with Roon to stream my SACDs in full quality. Roon figures out the SACD metadata from the raw DSF files so it winds up being an easy and elegant solution.

I’d recommend buying a used Oppo BDP-103 (as long as it’s functional the condition doesn’t matter - you won’t need to put it in your equipment rack) to rip your SACDs bit-perfectly. Then you can use the bulk of your budget to buy the DAC of your choice to play your DSD files.

I do use a Musical Fidelity M3SCD to play the odd CD here and there, but only as a transport to feed my MA Element X DAC.  My CD collection far outweighs my SACD collection so I figured I'd just rip the SACDs I already have plus rip any new ones I buy and stream them all.
The Ruby is so good as a Redbook player and DAC for a streamer - I have Zero SACDs...