SACD player noise

Is it me or do new digital players make a lot of mechanical noise? I just replaced an old Pioneer Elite PD-65 with a new Pioneer Elite PD D6-j and although the unit is attractive looking, it is fairly loud with mechanical noise. The PD 65 was rock solid and dead quiet while playing. What is the deal with that. I'm assuming it's not because the player is cheap quality. It's a brand new supposedly purist SACD player.
Why did you replace your PD65 in the first place. I've had one in my second system for close to 15 years or so. Never a glitch with it. Built like a tank. Dead quiet. I expect it to be around for a long time to come. Knock on wood. And there is nothing wrong with the sound either, regardless of what others might say.
I figured 17 years later the digital technology would have been improved and I also wanted to give SACD a try. In the store it sounded great - until I got home and was listening in a quiet room. The sound is good but the noise the player generates is like a cheap DVD player. I never realized that a dead quiet machine was rare. You would think ELITE would build upon their technology
I recently had to send a Sony XA-777ES SACD player into the shop to have the laser mechanism replaced. Before the laser pickup went bad the Sony transport was silky and quiet when the disc was inserted. The shop replaced the laser with a brand new Sony laser unit. Now the player grinds when the disc goes in, and also grinds at the end of playing a disc. The background grind is perfectly noticeable during low-level passages, which is distracting as you point out. -Scott