SACD player is not that great.

Getting disapponted with this hobby. Bought a Sony 777 to replace my Pioneer/MSB DAC player. Thought it would be a huge improvement. For three times the price I got a monster player that just sounds different, not better; doesn't play movies and has no decent software available. OK- I am in it for the sound so forget about movies and hopefully the software selection will grow. The problem is mainly with the soundstage. Image is SMASHED!-no doubt about it. Sounds are now rarely heard from beyond the physical speakers, height,width, and into the room. Depth seems good, probably better. (sound is overall more recessed). Low end is also better. Also the case with SACD's-although they have more detail than CD recordings. The 96khz CD's I had (have) sounded better than my SACDs. It sounds as though SACD recordings are much better- but player sucks. Sounds like there is "more" between the much improved recording and the listener. Like my sytem got much better and someone covered my speakers with towels at the same time!! Yes it's burned in and yes it is on custom setting. Big deal. Maybe it's all those filters in the line or output stage or something. System is CJ11amp, Aud Ill 1 preamp, Spica, and MIT shotguns. You guys got caught up in the excitement and really over-rated this player. Anyone have a similar experience? Anybody modify this thing?
I don't own a SACD player, but have heard from people that do. They say it takes at least 200 hrs. of break in before it really opens up, but it sounds great after that. If you have not gone through this period just put a CD on repeat with the volume down and let it break in.
There are a number of threads on upgrades and mods for the Sony players, you should look for them. The Sony output stage on the 777ES is nothing special, to my ears, and that may be the source of some of your disappointment, particularly given your associated components. I had it bypassed for an Audio Logic tubed analog stage, which I feel was a large improvement in overall resolution, timbre, musicality, the works (but hey, I'm a big fan of their DAC, so I'm prejudiced). Stan Warren also does mods for the 777, I think, as did/does Great Northern Sound (they may still do them, but the Wadia fiasco might have loaded them down with Wadia warranty repairs; you should check with them). The analog stage of your unit is ripe for improvement; just make sure you've fully broken it in before you decide you want to improve it, as many people appear to be happy with it after the break-in.
I'm assuming you tried this but when I got my SACD I ended up with a slightly different speaker location. I have no idea why, with the new speaker location the whole thing changed. I then went and put the old player back in and it's imaging was awfull. Just trying to help with my experience, also it did take 200+ hours per laser of burn in.
RcPrince is correct. Another alternative: try 9000ES it has different sound and some like it more then 777 (It also has DVD w/progressive scan if its of interest). BEWARE, 9000ES souns terribe out of the box, you need about 300 hours for burn-in. I wanted first, to return it. I am glad I kept it. Small correction: Stan Warren (541/344 - 3696) in not involved with 777, however, he works, now, on 9000ES. Stan will, hopefully, completely re-design analog stage, as he usually does with interesting audio gear. Check with him. Jerry Ozment from AudioLogic, regretably, stopped to do upgrades for 777. Steve, from Great Norhern audio is still working on upgrade of 777. He is saying that in 3 months he may (or may not)be ready. Again, try "broken-in" 9000ES - you could be surprised - Simon
Just relax and let it break in, about 200 hours for each section. Regards, Mike
Throw the Custom switch on the back. It will change everything.
Replace those crappy output stages that the japs use. Stan Warren is your best bet.
Interesting choice of words, ehider. Japs? Very interesting indeed...
Husaskin, I agree. I am sure Ehider meant no offense or at least I hope so.
How do I contact Stan Warren?
Stan Warren can be reached by phone only (unless you live in Eugene, OR): 541/344 - 3696. HOWEVER, Stan does not imvolved with 777 at all. he is working on my 9000ES to upgrade its analog stage. He is now so busy... He has my unit fro 203 weeks now and he did not even have a chance to open it, single listening sessions, observations similar to mine. Stan has very high intellegence curiosity. If you suggest to him to send your 777, he surely, agree. But he is poor time manager and demend for his most creative work is HUGE...Good luck
Stan Warren will work on most Pioneer or Onkyo DVD players with the Burr Brown 24bit chip.
Every aspect of the Sony SACD 1 was a revelation. I do believe if more people could listen to this format there would not be a software issue
Upgrade the cheap stock power cord. Also, the 777 is very interconnect dependent; try silver ICs. Last, set it on an isolation base of some kind (ie, MDF board with Vibrapods).
Your choice of the word 'jap" is offensive. What knid of forunm is this? Let's be sensitive to others. No Honky, Nigger, or others please. Let's keep it hi-end
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Geeeez! I'm so sorry that I offended anyone, by using the word "Japs", to describe a cultural electronic output stage methodology, in which Japanese cd player manufacturers utilize. I was just trying to keep my thread short and simple, and give Joekras an avenue in which he could improve his very expensive, and dissapointing purchace. I feel that we all deserve more than those crappy output stages, THAT THE JAPANESE HAVE ALWAYS USED (regardless of the price point they are charging!). It is very, very unfortunate (in my opinion), that no matter how much you spend on these so called "top of the line", Japanese, "state of the art" players, that they always employ cheapo op amps, or very unsophisticated output stages. Many audiophiles, (and many more newcomers) end up spending thousands for these "top of the line" machines, and then realize there is something amiss with their sound. What are they spending all of their big bucks on? The fancy face plate?, The big name? The fancy lights? All of us hard working audiophiles deserve better, when we pay big bucks for a piece of gear.

P.S.- I'm not trying to pick on any one culture. Don't even get me started on American car manufacturers' topology choices (which affect their overall durability and quality). They are nowhere near as good as the Japanese manufacturers!. Wow, now I'm slamming my own culture, and giving the Japanese the credit!. Just call me skitso.

Again, I appologize for not being more considerate, with my use of a politially incorrect, regional description.