SACD player for CD

Hey, look, I've got thousands of CDs and I'm more than a little reluctant to start buying the same music, yet again. I'm willing to get into SACD (forget DVD-A, I don't want a video monitor in my listening room so I can figure out what's on) if someone will assure me that a decent SACD player can play Redbook as well as, say, a $1000 stand-alone CD player. How 'bout it? Recommendations?
The Sony SCD-1 can be had for $3k brand new, factory sealed A stock, with full warranty. I think that makes most other units obsolete.
I second the SCD-1. Gary.
Get the Sony SCD-777ES and then go for a mod. It will improve both the SACD and redbook CD play back and compete with higher priced CDPs for less.
How does the SCD-1 compare with the Sony XA777es?..I've
borrowed the XA777es and listened to it for about 2 weeks
and I wasn't impressed with the way Redbook CD sound.
I haven't ever heard the XA777ES, but I can third the SCD-1. I think most would agree it is in the upper echelon and competes well with other top redbook players.
I used a SCD 1 for several months and sold it. Compared to my Meridian 508-24, it just wasn't as good-period. SACD sounded ok but I was not going to rush out with a new format. It messed with female voices a little and just didn't sound as liquid (a slight edge existed). I have gone back to the Meridian and want be parting with it anytime soon.
I compared the SCD 1 with the 777ES before I bought the thing. I honestly felt the SCD 1 was a little better. Most people consider them equals other than the balanced outputs that the 777 doesn't have. Also, there is some difference between the 777 2 channel and the 777 multi - channel. I felt a slight degradation exists with the multi channel. I'm sure there will be some conflicting opinions as usual but it's not for me!
Give the Marantz SA-14 a listen. You can get a new one for around $2,000 and used about $1,200 to 1,500. I have not listened to any SACDs but assume your real quest is for a good redbook CD player that has SACD capability.
The SCD-777es used although I think you will have to stretch to around $1400. It is very good on redbook as well as SACD. Forget the Meridian it simply is not as good on redbook as the Sony (SCD-77es) is and on SACD the Sony is in another league. I have not personally experienced any players (SACD) in the $1000 price point; so I can not comment. Just my thoughts

And Chuck, how long did you own the Meridian before you bought a 777?
I would just get a good older redbook player if I was you. If you don't have a real high interest in sacd then why buy one. None of the Sacd players above can be had for $1000 but all will beat the pants off an older $1000 redbook player on redbook and hold their own with some of the best. I think their may have been a post the other day on what is the best redbook player for $1000, you might want to do a search. Good luck
Bigtee is correct with the Meridian comments. I compared my Sony SCD-777ES directly to the 508.24 and the Meridian was better, not by a hugh margin, but better. The SOny was literally brand new out of the box. I did not buy the Meridian for two reasons, it was being discontinued and I got the Sony for the employee price. Again, since there are so many 777s on the market, give them all your best offer. Then later you can get it modded and really have something to talk about.
I bought a SCD-1 had the meridian about six months.

I held on to my excellent redbook system (MSB Gold DAC, P1000 power supply and Sonic Frontiers transport, Cardas Lightning coax digital) and bought an entry level Sony SACD player which was modded by Matthew Anker. Waiting for this to burn in but my objective was to try SACD's without breaking the bank. If you've got the shelf space and interest, a viable option.