SACD Player--Finally

I finally have done it. Get my new multi player next week. I have oodles of cds. I'm a jazzman, but listen to everyting from Mozart to Kitaro. What SACDs must I have? From your first hand listening experience which SACDs were a true step above redbook? Help get me started..thanks in advance. peace, warren :)
Try Art pepper plus eleven.Excellent sound and music!!
If you can find it, Jon Lord's Beyond the Notes. It's great if you like classical with a little jazz thrown in. Peter Gabriel's Up is also quite good.
Any of the Patricia Barber releases are done very well.
I'd recommend:

Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection
David Johansen and the Harry Smiths (Chesky Records)
Falstaff (Verdi) - LSO Live
Requiem (Berlioz) - Telarc

Warren, I highly recommend discovering DVD-A, which the Denon 3910 also supports. IMO, and in the opinion of others, it's superior to SACD. Check out Donald Fagan's "The Nightfly" for one excellent example.

It'll tickle your tympanics, and blow your mind. Honest.
Tvad, DVD-A? I'm not sure what that is. Is that the audio part of my DVD, or is it a specific recording? I've heard of these, but never followed up. I know the Denon can play them, so I'm veeerrryyyy interested, now. Please enlighen me. warren
DVD-A is a separate format entirely. DVD-A is to DVD like SACD is to CD. Multi channel audio, mostly.
Warrenh, I never realized you were such a virgin. :)

DVD-A is an alternate high resolution format to SACD. Buy the Fagan disc and play it. The rest will be self explanatory.
DVD-A is a separate format entirely. DVD-A is to DVD like SACD is to CD. (as far as formats go) DVD-A is multi channel audio, mostly.

For starters try ... Mark O Connor's "In Full Swing" (Columbia); Blood Sweat & Tears' "Blood Sweat & Tears" (2nd Album; Columbia) Santana "Abraxas" (Columbia); Rene Jacobs "Le Nozze di Figaro" (Harmonia Mundi); and Andrew Lawrence King "Missa Mexicana (Harmonia Mundi).

Regards, Rich
DVD-A is multi channel audio, mostly.
S7horton (System | Threads | Answers)
Really? Is this accurate? This statement might unintentionally scare two channel listeners away.

I listen to DVD-A exclusively in stereo on a stereo mix encoded on the DVD-A disc.
I ordered The Nightfly on DVD-A. Looking forward to it. thanks again Grant...peace, warren
When you play it, be sure to set the Denon's DVD-Audio mode to stereo, as the default DVD-A playback mode is multi channel, and it sounds wrong when played back on a two channel system.
"Really? Is this accurate? This statement might unintentionally scare two channel listeners away."

Tvad, that's one reason I never really looked into it. According to most that I have talked to about it, they claim it is geared towards mutlichannel music.

What you listen to, is that true for every disc? I mean every disc has both multi and two channel?
S7horton, I only own two DVD-A discs at the moment, but I'm looking to add more to the collection. Both discs that I own have stereo and multi channel tracks, just like SACD discs.

I have to believe this is true for all DVD-A discs, but I could be mistaken.

One reason some might believe DVD-A is geared toward multi channel is because DVD-A players default to a multi channel setting upon insertion of a DVD-A disc, but pressing a couple buttons on the remote switches the audio to stereo. These added steps take away from the user friendliness of DVD-A, but IMO the format is worth the extra effort since the sound, to my taste, is clearly superior to SACD and redbook.
I personally like DVDA and SACD for different reasons. SACD is more refined and analog like. DVDA is more robust and seems more digital but kicks.
Two SACD's I think are standouts are Beck, "Sea Change" and The Dave Brubeck Quartet, "Time Out."
Warren: If you ordered Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly" why not also try "Kamakiriad". I like it even more... Maybe you will too.

Also, I believe Fagen's new release, later this month, entitled "Morph the Cat" will also be released on DVD-Audio.
Most recent DVD-A's have an independent stereo track which is generally (always?) found in a separate "Group" in DVD-A-ese. Switching "Groups" can require hook-up to a TV screen. My Panasonic lets me do it without a television; my Pioneer requires the TV to navigate. As a pure audiophile, I find it annoying to have to turn on a TV to listen to music.

For discs that do not have a dedicated stereo track the player will do its own mixdown into two channels.

I consider SACDs and DVD-As to be of similar quality. Any difference is dwarfed by differences in the recording/engineering/mastering from one disc to the next.

My SACD collection is much greater than my DVD-A collection, as I listen primarily to classical and jazz.

In jazz, I would try to track down Mingus Ah-Um. There's some great Bill Evans with Scot LeFaro, Chet Baker - Chet. And "Time Out." Lots of Miles, although by this point there have been so many reissues of "Kind of Blue" and some of the other classics I don't think you can ever get any consensus on which sounds best.

Classical is the mother lode. Try some of the Red Seal releases They're almost all good - and budget priced. The new favorite is the Morton Gould/Aaron Copland disk, but don't miss the Reiner /Bartok Concerto for Orchesta and Scheherezade (sp?).

And speaking of new favories, the Alison Krauss disks are spectacular, especially the live one.
Having listened to only three of the SACDs I own, I'm so (purchased them weeks ago as they came up on Ebay) impressed with the sound that I'd love to snap my fingers and turn all my Redbooks into SACDs. Not vinyl, but the closet any digital in my rig has gotten. Since I am a tyro at the SACD game, I have read that many SACDs are no great shake. It appears that an SACD is no guarantee of wonderful sound. I'm just lucky with my three, I suppose. Thanks for the tips. I'll check some of those babies out. BTW anyone have experience with the SACD Kind of Blue?

Cannonball Adderly quintet Live in San Francisco - Anyting by Bill Evans -- Kind of Blue, of course -- In a Silent Way.
The Nightfly: Grant you are dead on. Are all DVD-As this great? I'm listening as I type. Brings out the best in my rig...
I heard Sony has or will soon stop making anything SACD (software & hardware). Any one know anything about this?
Warran, Mostly the newly recorded stuff (pure DSD) is well recorded. I would look up opinions online to make sure which ones are good and bad. There are websites that will review the quality. Some are no better than redbook, so don't assume they'll all be good. It's worth it though for the great sound DVD-A and SACD produce.
How 'bout Kind of Blue and Miles Smiles in sacd? anyone heard them? Anyone on DVD-A that is in the league, quality wise, of The Nightfly?
Ray Brown Trio Live At Lala
Here are my top five SACD for jazz. All are exquisite.
Joe Henderson - Lush Life
Gene Harris Quartet - Listen Here
Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane
Stan Getz Quartet - Pure Getz
Sonny Rollins - Way Out West

Any of these will satisfy the soul.
Thanks Ed. Just ordered Harris and Henderson (used) from Amazon. Thanks warren
If like Gene then you will love the Ray Brown SACD: Gene is on it.