SACD player as transport or dedicated transport?

I have finally found a DAC I really like. It is the Audio Aero Prima MK II SE I use it as a preamp and a DAC). I use it in conjunction with my computer based music system. I am thinking of either getting a dedicated transport (like the new CEC TL51X) or maybe a SACD player to use for the 50 or so hybrid's I have and as a transport for my Prima DAC. Any thoughts,
I would recommend an Exemplar Audio Modified Denon 3910. The unit sounds stunning as a universal player AND it is an excellent transport.

Best wishes and good listening.

Or look at a used Sony SCD-1. Hell of a transport, and phenom. SACD. Can be modded with really favorable results, and good resale price considering its age.
Thanks, Jim: I was thinking about a price range of $1500 (new/used).
Thanks, mimberman. I thought about that but am a little concerned about the age of the units out there used. Anyone know how the XA9000ES is as a transport?
I'm using a Sony SCD-777ES as a transport feeding a Levinson 30.6 dac........wonderful. In fact, it easily bested my friend's Levinson 31 transport he brought over to audition. Absolutely no comparison.

Good luck in your search, however do not count out the SCD-1 or the SCD-777ES.


Paul :-)
I am using a XA-9000ES as a transport (and for SACD) and I am happy with its results. Are the SCD-1 and its lesser brother the 777 better - probably but they are getting long in the tooth. I haven't compared mine to many others but in my system have run it against my stock DVP-S7000, known to be an excellent transport (althought touted as stellar once modded) and I prefer the new 9000 (timing/flow just seems better IMO). I think its a good choice - very good to excellent transport (assumes there are better out there), 5 year warranty, excellent (to my ears) SACD playback, built very well (no not as well as the SCD-1 but substantial none the less) and can be bought for under $2K new. All in all a very good business case to own one given you have already decided to use your new DAC for redbook cds...
Thanks, Rgd--that is very sensible advice -- I am leaning that way. One other unit I thought about was the Denon 3910. Anyone have thoughts about this as a transport/SACD player. Also, has anyone used the new CEC TL51-Z?
Sony XA777ES or SCD-1
Pardales, the latest versions of the Exemplar 3910 do improve the transport performance. I cannot say how important this is, however. Certainly a used Denon 3910 could be had within your price range. The SONY SCD-1 would probably not be in that range, and it is slow enough to drive you to distraction.
Well Pardales, you know my answer-the XA9000ES!
The XA9000-ES is a very, very good transport. And it plays SACD to beat the band, as they say. I still run the XA9000ES into an outboard DAC because I like it better. They say that the XA9000ES upsamples redbook to DSD, but my DAC sounds better, so that must mean that the upsampling to DSD still needs some improvement, or else I've got an awesome DAC. I will say that the SACD playback is best of all.

Keep in mind that the SCD-1 and SCD-777ES are optimized for 2 channel. This is a key point. I actually wish I had one of those because I only do serious listening in 2 channel mode...

I do not doubt the widom of those recommending the 9000ES. Here is what my dilemma is. I owned the Exemplar Denon 2900 for about 4 months. That player helped me hear that a well recorded redbook CD can sound as good as SACD recording of the same piece of music.

Now that I have the Prima DAC I am trying to decide whether to get a dedicated transport to maximize my redbook playback or go with a SACD player to listen to the SACD's I have. I already sold all my single layer SACD's and only kept the hybrids. Since I have ripped all my CD's to a hard drive and am using iTunes, all my CD's except for about 50-60 hybrids and other remasters are up in my attic. I would be buying this player/transport soley for my remasters (hybrids or otherwise).

I am probably making this harder than it needs to be.
Anyone have any experience with the Lexicon RT-10, specifically its abilities as a transport and for SACD playback?