SACD Player?

Right now I'm using a Panasonic RP-91 DVD audio player, it's not that I'm unhappy with my CD-Player. Just that I'm hearing everyone say that you can get a great improvement by using a good source. Are there any good multi channel SACD players out there for a fair price? Will a good SACD player be a vast improvement over a regular CD player? I looking to spend in the neightborhood of $2000 or less.

The rest of the system consists of!

CD Player------Panny DVD-RP91 DVD audio
PreAmp---------Pass Labs X-1
Amp------------Jeff Rowland Model 10
Speakers-------Revel Studio
Interconnect---Cardas Golden Cross
Speaker Cable--Transparent MusicWave Plus

Any recommendations on which SACD Player or any of the above is the weak link is appreciated.
The new Sony 777 multichannel SACD player can be had for 2000 bucks at Oade Brothers last time I enquired.
By your system listed, Do you really want multi-channel SACD? If not, I'd recommend you check out the Sony SCD-777es 2-channel SACD player. You can get one used for around $1600. I think you'll find that unit impressive but if you Put another $500 into having it tweaked, you'll be WAY happy and still on your budget.
If you do want multi....grab a used 777es multi-channel. But then you've got to change and expand on what you have.
Paying more than retail for the 777es is ridiculous.The retail on this piece was 1500.00 and has long been discontinued.If you buy into that theory, you are getting a very well built piece,but no warrantee and they do have a history of problems.The new Sony, though multi channel,by most accounts,outperforms the 777es and modded should be pretty hard to beat.Marantz also has a (SA-14) 2 channel player within your budget.