SACD player

I really hate to start a thread like this but I've been looking for a new SACD player for a couple of weeks now and am getting nowhere. I can't even settle on a brand.

What I'm looking for is the highest quality SACD player I can get for around 2,000.00. I will use it for 2 channel only. I would just like to hear some unbiased opinions before making my final decision.

My current system is Vandersteen Model 3 speakers, McIntosh MC2200 Amp, Marantz SC-11S1 Preamp. Currently using a Pioneer Elite PD-D6-J and it's starting to have some issues. Would like to replace it before it completely craps out.

I have no problem buying used if it's a quality piece.

Thank you in advance for any constructive replies.
I have an oppo 83SE and a Sony 5400ES

To play SACD on the Sony you need to set a switch on the back panel to Sacd or CD manually depeding on what type you are playing a minor inconvience.

The Oppo auto selects depending on disc inserted in the player.

I only use the sony for Redbook CD's since I only have 1 Sacd and the Oppo is already connected to my AVR via HDMI
The switch on the back of the Sony only sets the preferred layer it plays with a hybrid disk. If you put SACD only disk in it plays SACD, if you put a CD only disk in it plays CD. No need to set the switch on the back dependent on the type of disk you put in.

Mystang, if your Sony 5400 is working otherwise there is something else going on.
Thanks for the claification on what the back panel switch does.
So far only played redbook CD. Don't have any dual layer disc now but if I get some I now know how to acess the layer I want.Thanks
i have spoken to dan wright. he modifies both sony and oppo 83se players.

he has told me the oppo sounds warmer than the sony, while the sony is more reolving.

perhaps there are other sacd players to choose from. i am looking for one myself. i have an un modded oppo 83 se but am not impressed with its sound .

how about one of the early sony sacd players ? yes, transport malfunction may be a problem, but sonically, the scd-1 is a wonderful player.
If you can buy a used Krell SACD MkIII you will get killer sound, great bass and a huge sound stage and without the transport issues of the earlier models. I bought an Esoteric X-03SE to replace mine thinking it would be far superior but the Krell player is very, very close. The one good thing about Esoteric is they make their own drives and hopefully can service them down the road!