SACD player

I really hate to start a thread like this but I've been looking for a new SACD player for a couple of weeks now and am getting nowhere. I can't even settle on a brand.

What I'm looking for is the highest quality SACD player I can get for around 2,000.00. I will use it for 2 channel only. I would just like to hear some unbiased opinions before making my final decision.

My current system is Vandersteen Model 3 speakers, McIntosh MC2200 Amp, Marantz SC-11S1 Preamp. Currently using a Pioneer Elite PD-D6-J and it's starting to have some issues. Would like to replace it before it completely craps out.

I have no problem buying used if it's a quality piece.

Thank you in advance for any constructive replies.
The Sony 5400 is still supposed to be a great player. list is $1,500 and some dealer here sells it for like $1,250 or so
marantz is another manufacturer with a good player in that range.
Trouble with used is repairs. Getting an older item fixed is getting to be hard to do.
Cheaper used players are not a big problem, they would cost more to fix than buy another one. But good quality players.. Spend $2,000 and find out a year later you cannot get it fixed. (I would be crying up a storm.)
The Oppo BDP-95 Nuforce is getting good press, might be worth a look...

Someone linked the lowest price on the 5400 I've seen here recently - from CDW. In the $900s.

I paid $1500 and it's been a wonderful acquisition.

I run the Marantz SA-KI Pearl SACD player - 2channel only.

Very musical. I think that it would be a nice match to your 11S1 pre.

Used here is about $2K or lower.
I'd check the feedback on CDW before dealing with them - it's as bad as anything I've ever seen: bait + switch, overcharging credit cards, lying about whether something's in stock, etc.
Sony 5400 is a great idea. I compared mine to my brother's Creek Destiny CD (retails at about $2500)(we A/Bd them in his system) and it bettered it handily. I've had mine almost 2 years and it has worked flawlessly.
I have an oppo 83SE and a Sony 5400ES

To play SACD on the Sony you need to set a switch on the back panel to Sacd or CD manually depeding on what type you are playing a minor inconvience.

The Oppo auto selects depending on disc inserted in the player.

I only use the sony for Redbook CD's since I only have 1 Sacd and the Oppo is already connected to my AVR via HDMI
The switch on the back of the Sony only sets the preferred layer it plays with a hybrid disk. If you put SACD only disk in it plays SACD, if you put a CD only disk in it plays CD. No need to set the switch on the back dependent on the type of disk you put in.

Mystang, if your Sony 5400 is working otherwise there is something else going on.
Thanks for the claification on what the back panel switch does.
So far only played redbook CD. Don't have any dual layer disc now but if I get some I now know how to acess the layer I want.Thanks
i have spoken to dan wright. he modifies both sony and oppo 83se players.

he has told me the oppo sounds warmer than the sony, while the sony is more reolving.

perhaps there are other sacd players to choose from. i am looking for one myself. i have an un modded oppo 83 se but am not impressed with its sound .

how about one of the early sony sacd players ? yes, transport malfunction may be a problem, but sonically, the scd-1 is a wonderful player.
If you can buy a used Krell SACD MkIII you will get killer sound, great bass and a huge sound stage and without the transport issues of the earlier models. I bought an Esoteric X-03SE to replace mine thinking it would be far superior but the Krell player is very, very close. The one good thing about Esoteric is they make their own drives and hopefully can service them down the road!
A linn sc player is great at cd and sacd. It also does dvda. Google it
I don't know if you are too fed up with Pioneer but what about the Pioneer Elite PD D9 Mark II? It is way under your budget and may be an improvement to the D6 you currently own.
My high quality SACD player is now a $6500 un-repairable paper weight. I no longer spend big money on players. I'd get a good DAC and move on. A realy good DAC with Redbook or Hi-rez will be as good or better than SACD IMO.
How about a used Marantz SA-11S2?
Like Milpai said. The Marantz SA-11S2 is excellent!
Marantz SA-11S2. I have the S1 and love it.
i would be careful about the marantz 11 s2. i owned it, leant it tyo a friend, and both of us felt that its presentation was fatiguing.

i realize that this is a minority opinion.

i would say that it would be a good idea to audition the player before buying it, otherwise, buy it cheap, so you can resell it without losing too much money.
MrTennis hears quite a bit different than the rest of us so judge for yourself. Not trying to be difficult but look at his past threads and you will see why I say that. Personally I think the S1 is a great player and I have friends who agree.
hi samzx12:

your right in that my perceptions of brightness and warmth are different from many people. however, there still is a risk making a purchase based upon opinions on audiogon, without auditioning the component before purchasing.

i thinik you may be just as satisfied asking the manufacture as asking equipment owners.

i trust manufacturers until they either contradict themselves, or i have experienced their products and disagree with their perceptions.

let the buyer beware.

i'm not saying that some will or won't like the player, just that i and a friend consider the player lacking warmth and body.

feel free to disagree.
There is nothing fatiguing about the Marantz players so thats why I question your hearing and a lot of other members here question your hearing. Sorry but you do not hear like the rest of the world evidently because what most of us hear in certain players you say the opposite. I have 2 local buddies who really like my S1 and there is nothing fatiguing about it. I do agree with what you say its always nice to hear something 1st before buying.
I have a Marantz DV-9600 with full Underwood Hi FI mod that I put up against any modified Oppo.
hi felitopaz:

how confident are you ?

suppose we compared your modded marantz, with a a modded oppo with tubes. would you bet that i would prefer the marantz ???
The Sony 5400 spanks the Marantz players. Yes, the Marantz players are 'warmer', but that does NOT mean they are easier to listen to or more like vinyl. IMO, they are not. They just have midbass hump and slightly rolled top end. (They are great on good material, but still not as good as the Sony on good material.)

The ModWright Sony 5400 comes within spitting distance of good material on good material.

But there is still so much more good material on vinyl (Ok, I'm talking about jazz) that vinyl still walks all over what digital gives you overall.
I meant to say "The ModWright Sony 5400 comes within spitting distance of good VINYL on good material."
This is exactly where I was a year ago.I listened to several including the Sony 5400,Marantz11S2 and the Oppo which are being suggested above.The Sony did nothing for me,the Marantz a little better but what I decided and did was saved more cash and bought an Esoteric.Blows all these away.Yea it cost me more cash,something like 1200 bucks but well worth the time waiting and cash spent.2 grand will buy a SA10/demo or slightly used one this site,actually a little less and that will outperform those listed above..just my opinion..Good luck
hi pualfobrecht:

before i purchased the oppo 83se modded unit from modwright, i asked about the sony.

he told me he took both to the 2010 rocky mountain show and the sentiment was almost evenly divided between the two units.

he thought i would prefer the oppo because he considered it more tube like, to s slight degreee than the modded sony.

you can ask him about both units.

i ended up with the modded oppo with the 2 6sn7 tubes and rectifier tube.

i'm confident that the sony is also an excellent player, as well.