SACD Player

When looking for a new CD player I first considered the Classe CDP-202, since I have one of their processors and amps. But it does not support SACDs, so I looked at the Marantz SA-7S1.

Having now perused the offerings at Acoustic Sounds, I am unwilling to settle for a unit that does not include SACD multi-channel.

I am also unwilling to sacrifice superb audio.

Any suggestions?
Why not oppo. You get SACD and much, much more, for less.
I agree I wouldn't either but are you asking for suggestions on what cd player to buy. If so you need to provide more budget for starters.
Budget is up to around 5K, but excellent quality for less is of course to be preferred.

I have researched the Marantz 9600. Krell Evolution 505 is probably far beyond my means.

Does Oppo support multi-channel SACD and DVD-A?
Lexicon RT 20??
Sony makes a very nice unit as does Marantz. I would normally suggest the Ayre C5xe in your peice range but that unit is stereo only.
Esoteric SA-60. If you want to spend more, that's possible, too. I have one and love it.
you can get a good condition esoteric X-01 excellent multi channel SACD player for about 5K on audiogon. In my opinion far superior to the EMM .I use to own the EMM and now I am very happy with the Esoteric.

Oppo convert the SACD format into CD's PCM. If SACD is important to you probably need to explore other options.
What are you connecting it to? If you can use the direct DSD/HDMI output of the Oppo 980H, that would be ideal. (The Pioneer DV-58AV will do that as well.) If you are using the analog outputs, you would want something with better analog performance.