SACD on Redbook Player

I recently purchased three dual layer Rolling Stones remasters (Let it Bleed, Beggar's Banquet and Hot Rocks) for listening on my redbook player (a Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D). Quite frankly, I was extremely disappointed with the sound on the CD layer ... Mick's vocals are virtually buried while the instruments are way forward and overly detailed to the point of being fatiguing. I've heard other dual layer SACDs (both vocals and instrumentals) and have had the same reaction. At first, I thought it was the mastering, but I'm beginning to wonder whether there may be something endemic to the DSD process which results in such listener fatigue.

Has anyone had a similar reaction?
I don't think so. I have some sacd's that are as good or better than anything I have listened to in any format. The stones music sounded like crap to begin with. True DSD recordings are or can be as good as it gets. It would be nice though, to have a machine that you could put a dollar in one side and a hundred dollar bill would come out the other side.
Before you get angry, I'm sure that he meant that the recording was crap. Not the band. Just want to be peace maker today.
Thanks Thinkat, the Stone's are great. I should have been more clear on that. It was the quality of the recordings I was speaking of.
Yeah, Thinkat, it seems we need more peace makers these days.

But enough of that, what I'm really interested in is CD playback on SACD players.
I recently saw the Stones at Pac Bell Park. They were great and I pulled out some of my Stones records. The recordings were awful
Well, not to get off track (I DO love the Stones), but my question is whether there may be something endemic to the DSD process which results in listener fatigue such as I have often heard when playing dual layer SACDs on my redbook player.
Your redbook player will not play Sacd layer. The fatigue is from the redbook layer, it is not DSD. The Sacd layer is not even true DSD on these old recordings. A remaster of these old recordings will be no better than fair-good sounding unless they were very,very good to begin with.