sacd list

Does anyone know of a web site that has a complete list of music available on sacd?
Boy, I wish I did. This is sorely needed. The best lists I've seen are at MusicDirect and Acoustic Sounds, but both are incomplete by a long shot. Red Trumpet lists some of the only-in-Japan SACDs.
I just recently bought a Marantz SA-1 player and love it.
I am building my SACD collection , already received orders from Acoustics and Music Direct. To get the most complete list, go straight to the source - the record label companies. I have Sony, Telarc, DMP, Chesky and few others sending me there complete SACD listing. They all have websites. I am a Believer of SACD !
tomkat is right about music direct. goto and type in the name of any artist. it will bring you to a search engine for that artist. delete the artist's name and leave blank. then click on 'type of media' and click sacd. you'll get a major list.
Try for partial availability of SACDs