SACD... is this all there is?

Ive been digging around on the web looking for SACD.
Im not really that big on classical, but that is about all i see except the odd Billy Joel album or Shania Twain album.

Are there any rock albums out on sacd? classic rock? anything other than classical and a single pink floyd album?
Check-out Acoustic Sounds and the Sony site list. When I looked some time back, I found about a 1000 titles. In my estimation, this is still rediculously small. The better CD players (Audio Research, Trivista, etc.) can make red-book CDs sound awesome. Particularly, when there are so many other factors that go into making a system sound great.
Hey Slappy,

You can also do a search for sacd on When I did this last week, I came up with about 130 titles....small but there are some there, and they're not all classical.

Good Luck,
Over 2700 to chose from.......
I've sold over a 1000 Nektar SACD's.Classic Progressive rock.Also many Deep Purple live.Allman Brothers Fillmore and Eat a Peach.....JD
There are now 2,717 SACD titles. can help you learn more about available titles...roughly 1600 of all SACDs have been reviewed there.
The only Layla I can stand. And the Dead. Yep you will find plenty.
Dylan and Stones I think. But I agree most of the titles are classical and jazz. You might find more to your liking on DVD-A. I think there were a few contemporary NĂ¼Metal acts on DVD-A. There's also a live Tesla album on DVD-A. (Tesla: Replugged Live). I'm not sure if you're into Tesla, Slappy. I haven't heard the DVD-A, but I've heard the CD and liked it a lot. Also Trent Reznor's Downward Spiral has been remastered for MCH SACD. That might be worth getting. Korn also has a SACD as does Godsmack. The older chaps here might even dig Godsmack, too.
ALso Metallica's Black album is available on DVDA.
To sum it up all these replies... Yes. That's all there is.

That's why a lot of us are hesitating on the high rez formats.

The exception is classical.

Agreed Rob. Maybe it's time that Slappy got a vinyl rig? LOL.
alice in chains 'best of'
godsmack (not sure of the title)
aerosmith (yawn) :~)
3 doors down (new one)
Pink Floyd (dsotm) yeah!
Elton Johns SACD's are worth buying if you like him. 'madman across the water' is awesome!
there's more but the rock/metal selections suck.
I'm mostly into rock myself as opposed to classical. I have (and you may like):

Alice in Chains (GH)
Aerosmith (GH)
Bon Jovi
Deep Purple Machine head
The Police
Journey (Escape and Greatest Hits)
Elton John (GBYBR and Madman)
Cheryl Crow
Pink Floyd
Allman Brothers

That's about it in terms of Rock artists I own but there are more out there. I do wish they'd release more but I don't notice DVD-A has many more artists, just different ones.
Can't believe I forgot:

The Who
Bob Dylan
The Rolling Stones
Credence Clearwater R.
Peter Frampton
Steely Dan
Eric Clapton
The Kinks
Peter Gabriel

Or how about Nine Inch Nails or Beck?
I'm with Slappy...I have 20 or so already...most already listed above...but I STILL WANT MORE!!!...but I'm still thankful for the ones I have.
Genesis and The Moody Blues SACDs are coming.

Beck's new album will be released on SACD.

Just received "The Best of Simple Minds" SACD and it rocks.