sacd help please

I admit to being quite confused on what type of equipment can fully take advantage of sacd, both two and multi channel. Of course, Sony is particularly useless when it comes to explaining what equipment is compatible with what other equipment. I currently have a Lexicon MC1, and old sony es theater receiver and a Parasound 2500 processor. I do not know whether any of the sacd players or changers, stereo or multi will work with any of them or what I need to have for a processor to work with sacd. All comments are welcome.
Practically, every equipment will work with SACD with its passive filter in "standard" mode. In some models you can move this filter to 'custom' mode which is increased bandwidth. most people find that sacd music at this setting is better or much better. However, you dramatically increase amount of noise produced by noise shapers in the area above say 40kHz. You MUST speak with your speaker and amp manufacterers to find out if it can damage your equipment (e.g. to fry your tweaters). Practically every manufacterer does not afraid this hi-freq noise but its safer to ask. Next, since SACD produce signal in the range of 20- filter cut-off frequency (say 60kHz as in 777es) then theoretically its better if your equioment bandwidth can carry such signal. However, most tweaters on market, including mine handle up to about 25-30kHz only. If you like its performance don't exchange good sound for good spec. Best wishes. When you get your SACD and wait a few weeks for break-in, you will feel that you are in paradize. Good luck - Simon
Emster, does the MC-1 digitize analogue inputs? If so you are not getting the most out of your SACD player because of overprocessing the signal. Ideally, you need an analogue pass through feature.
Thanks Simon. I will check on the various mfg of speakers. They are Aerial and B&W but I have never checked on your point, and I appreciate the heads up. Bmpnyc, the Lexicon does digitize the inputs. What type of equipment will have an analogue pass thru? As you can tell, I use my equipment for both theater and music. Thanks for your help.
I have a Rotel 985 ($2K list). All standard analog inputs convert the signal to 24/48 digital, process the signal, and then convert back to analog. However, the 5.1 input stays analog. Comparing the two, the 5.1 is cleaner, more defined, and extended. Using the 5.1 input, the volume contral still works, but I lose everything else (sub-out, bass/trebble control, DD, DTS, DPL, DSP modes, bass management, and center channel and rear speakers. It's just stereo. I have a two channel S9000ES.

BTW, analog by-pass (the 5.1 inputs) slightly improve the CD sound as well, but not to the same extent as SACD.

I suspect that your unit's digital performance is superior to the Rotel, and you won't experience as great a difference. Through the normal inputs, SACD was still clearly superior to CD. Buy the SACD with your current equipment. Still, down the road, you should be looking for a unit which has analog bypass option.
Bmpnyc - the MC-1 does digitize everything passing through it, so you do lose a lot of the advantage of a high-end analog source. I believe I read somewhere if you have analog in and feed it to the Zone2 output it stays completely analog, but that may not be true and, even if it is, is convuluted enough to not be particularly worthwhile. -Kirk