SACD & HDCD Player

So, is there a decnet player out there that supports both SACD, preferably in its native DSD form and not converted to PCM, and HDCD, and is built for audio? So many of the new multi format players are geared towards video with all kinds of features to support it, which for an audio application are just fluff. Oh, and around $1k (used is perfectly fine) would be nice... less is even better! :)

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Read the reviews and the spec's for the Arcam DV139 CD/SACD/HDCD and DVD-A universal. It will do everything you ask. Use a good power cord and three brass cones and you will be quite pleased. ($900-1200):>)
There are a couple of NAD M5 SACD/CD/HDCD players on sale used. Designed for audio, not video. One drawback is that it does not have digital in, if you want to use it as a DAC. The NAD Masters series gear is general quite good, although I do not have a lot of experience with this player. But, it is an option.
I believe that the Cary players will do what you are looking for and are quite well regarded as well.

CD306 Pro will for sure do it.
If I could find a Cary 306 Pro for less than $1K I would jump at it. Unfortunately, not likely to find one at that price.
Great info folks, thanks! The Cary has a great reputation and would be nice, but unfortunately a bit above the price level I can manage. The M5 sounds good as does the Arcam. Arcam has had a number of solutions from what I can see including the DV 135, 137 & 139. All three are HDCD and SACD capable (according to Arcam literature). Does anyone know if the Arcam's keep the DSD stream intact for SACD, or do they down covert to PCM?
I believe the Arcam converts to PCM. I currently own the Arcam DV 137 and love the sound, it is excellent on red-book cd's. My only complaint is the disc spins quite loudly and is normal for these units. If I did it over again, I would purchase a re-furb NAD M5 here on A-gon. Excellent sound with a better transport!
The NAD T-585 Universal player decodes both and does not convert the DSD to PCM. It is considerably lower in cost than the NAD M5. One preowned unit sold recently on Audiogon in the $200.00 area if you can believe that. Probably because it's not a blu-ray player.